Are Graphic Warnings for Cars the Way Forward?

We are used to it by now. Being constantly shocked by the brand new inventions of the world, being thrilled by technology. I’ve already heard about cars being able to talk, directing you into the desired parking spot? Or telling you which direction to turn in (in the duller respect of SatNav). Though how would you feel if your car began warning you about severe dangers, explaining exactly what your driving actions could cause.

Engineers in Japan are currently working on a safety driving promotion for inside cars, that is said to be able to warn drivers who appear to be driving dangerously, of the doom that is impending. The system is being developed at the Fukuoka Institure of Technology, using driver history, reaction times, nearby hazards and sonar and laser sensors to calculator just how likely a driver may be to crash.

This sounds like a great idea, what easier way to be reminded that putting your foot down maybe is not the way forward. If a crash is more than likely to happen than it should usually be, the car is said to announce things like, “If you crashed at this speed, you would die”, “Your car would burst into flames if you rolled over now” and “God your killing us.” This may sound scary, morbid, or even slightly amusing. Though imagine if this came on whilst you were driving, especially with loved ones in the car. I don’t know about you but that would definitely ensure me slowing down.

Maybe this is exactly the way that countries need to go, to ensure that a sense of danger is produced in a dangerous driver. This way, there really is no excuse, it is easy to say that someone can be distracted whilst driving and forget how fast they are going. Though if a strange voice kept reminding you, I think you would get the picture after a while.

People may think it’s silly, like having someone in your vehicle constantly telling you what to do. The warnings may even come across as scary and may frighten people travelling within the vehicle. However, a short amount of time being scared ensuring the slowing down of a vehicle and the safety of it’s passengers cannot be a bad thing. Maybe we should welcome more ideas like this in our Country, after all road safety is no laughing matter. So any way to conquer such things should be welcomed with open arms.

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