Why Attending Driving School Is Important

One of the most exciting parts about growing up used to be learning how to drive. With the growing trends of technology moving forward in every direction, safe driving is also becoming a growing worry. From cell phones and I-Pods, to GPS’s and USB connecting abilities, electronically, anything is possible in a vehicle. Distracted driving is not something that can be completely eliminated, but it can be maintained and decreased to a safe level. From the safe guidelines of being behind the wheel, to defensive and distraction-free driving, attending driving school is an illuminating first step towards taking your driver’s test and keeping safe behind the wheel.

Some people are not completely aware of the benefits they can receive by attending driving school. Yes it helps to get a little practice in with mom or dad, or a licensed friend or other relative, but it takes more than that to receive the most proper training. Confidence, comfort, creating technique and distraction-free driving can’t exactly be understood while attempting to learn with a freaking-out family member to the right of you.

The 3 C’s of Driving
A professionally trained driving school educator can teach future drivers how to avoid common bad habits in effort to gain the proper technique. While practicing these positive habits with a driving school instructor on the road a few hours a week, the driver receives that needed hands-on experience; they always say practice makes perfect, and in this case practice will make you comfortable and confident while behind the wheel.

A close friend or family member cannot formally prepare you for a driver’s test with the accurate rules of the road and their sometimes hard-to-understand details; there’s more then you think. Everything you need to know about turn signals, passing safety, lane changing and which lanes to use, allowing space, light safety, the right of way, the many traffic control signs and signals, avoiding collisions, blind spots, mirrors and so much more, need to be absorbed by a driver in a professional driving school environment- in class, on the computer and on the road.

Dodge the Distractions
Applying appropriate driving technique and “textbook information” are both very important while driving safely, which can only be performed to the highest level by non-distracted drivers; amongst non-electronic distractions, texting, online usage, reading GPS maps, talking on the phone and using portable music devises all divert a driver’s attention away from the road. One second of your attention as a driver directed away from the road can throw you in any of the following statistics:

  • 3,331 fatal crashes involving a distracted driver
  • %10 injury crashes reported as distraction-affected driving
  • %21 drivers under 20 involved in fatal crashes due to distraction
  • A quarter of young adults respond to text messages while driving

Driving school has grown as a necessary step before approaching the anticipated yet dreaded driving test. As technology moves forward, so does the number of crashes due to distracted driving. By attending driving school, a future driver receives the right training that practices safe, defensive and non-distracted driving skills. Keeping your attention directed on the road will allow you a comfortable, confident drive while creating technique and following the rules of the road correctly. Not only will you ace your test and save on costs with driving school discounts and packages, but you will save the lives of others and yourself, like a real road-riding hero.

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