Avoid The Lemons And Choose A Beauty!

When the time comes to choose your next car, you should be looking forward to this fun event. But many of us become nervous and worried about making the wrong choice. There are so many cars on the market and even more pitfalls along the way. This article looks at the best practice to follow if you want to choose correctly.

Research First!

The more you know about the cars that are available, the better chance you have got of picking the best one for you. The internet is an incredibly useful source and will have all the information that you can shake a stick at when it comes to cars. If you like the look of a particular model, type the details into the internet search engine and digest the results accordingly. You can also ask your friends and family about the cars that they have owned and prepare for a few horror stories to emerge! Just remember to stick to the cars that you want and avoid buying someone else’s dream car.

Your Budget

This is a figure that you need to be sure about before you start shopping. As well as the cost of buying your car, you should also factor the insurance and tax into the whole amount. If you have a car to sell, you should work out how much you can realistically expect for this. It is a good rule of thumb to sell your old car first. You are better off by selling the old car privately as opposed to trying to trade it in for your newer model. Even though the price you are offered by the showroom may seem awesome, they usually add a few bucks to your purchase as part of the deal.

Your Model

When you have found the car that floats your boat, you may be surprised to learn that the prices can fluctuate wildly. Do an online search and make a note of the lowest prices available. You may need to check the small print to see if there are any hidden extras, they can often add up to 20% of the overall price. If you are happy buying a less than new model, you will be saving a lot of money. As soon as you buy a car, its value can reduce by up to 15%, but you are paying for the peace of mind as well.

Warranties Matter

Going down the second hand route will save you money, as mentioned before, but you need to ensure you have a safety net in place. If the car does not come with a warranty, you need to ask the dealer to consider including one before you making the purchase. It is best to ask for a mileage warranty instead of a time sensitive protection offer. If they are reticent, then you should kick them to the curb and go elsewhere.

Common Sense

Even if you have ticked all of the boxes above, you need to be 100% certain about the purchase. If the model is not the one you really want, wait until that one becomes available as you may regret this choice every time you open the front door – Good Luck!

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