Awesome Concept Cars That Are Worth Remembering

One of the highlights of an auto show is watching an array of concept cars rev into the spotlight. These vehicles represent the latest feats in car engineering and are usually characterized in bold colors, cutting-edge features and revolutionary innovations.

A concept car is actually an automobile prototype and does not go directly into production from concept model to manufacturing, without undergoing certain changes. Once a concept car has been shown at an auto show, it is destroyed. The few cars that do not make it to the salvage yard are sold to collectors or wind up in car museums.

Concept cars not produced en-masse unless the public show a willingness to purchase the car. These cars only make it to production when reactions from the public have been gauged and validated. If the response is unfavorable, these vehicles are either destroyed or sold off to avid car collectors. Here are 3 awesome concept cars that did not make it to the production line but are worth remembering.

Lotus M250

The Lotus M250 was a lightweight car that was tougher than its outward appearance. The engineers ensured that the power and speed ability of the Lotus M250 led to a proper balancing of aerodynamics. The automobile was built to look like a normal car. Unfortunately, it never made it to the assembly line. The reason was that the marketplace was not ready for a car with such levels of high-performance; it aroused fears over road safety.

Saab Aero-X

This car remains one of the most stylish cars every created. It was a sports coupe without pillars to support the doors or windshields. This allowed occupants in the vehicle to enjoy an unobstructed view of over 180 degrees. The interior substituted the usual dials and buttons of traditional vehicles with 3-D images. It had a lightweight body like the Lotus M250 and amazing 4-wheel drive abilities. The Saab Aero-X was never produced because the manufacturers believed it would distort the Saab car range.

The Citroen Osee

Sergio Pininfarina is car designer who is create Citroen Osee concept similar to what James Bond would usually drive when escaping from the bad guys. It has a sleekness and sophistication that characterizes it and makes it very hard to miss when it is burning up the road. It was a 3-seater and won the “best show award” it entered at the Geneva Motor Show. It never made it to production. Manufacturers claimed it was only created as a case study for “mid-engined sports cars”, only one was ever produced.

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