B Is for Behaviour, Is Your Driver Behaviour Letting You Down?

It is said that it is our behaviour that forms our attitude, or could it be the other way around? Is it our road skills or knowledge that let us down on the road or “is it our attitude and behaviour that lets us down all the time on the road”?

Once behaviour starts and is it repeated time after time it will become a habit. As Samuel Johnson said “The chains of habit are too weak to be felt until they are too strong to be broken.” However, along with attitude, behaviour can be learned too, another good quote by Jim Rohn “You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.”

This could be why our children don’t always follow our footsteps or our life style, as they are spending most of their time, as young adults, with their friends, so they can become the sum of them.

So if we think about driving habits, we try to fit in with what we see other people getting away with. But lets face it the type of driving we notice is generally bad driving, so we compare what we do with what we notice, and this makes our behaviour okay.

If we continually get away with driving bad or breaking the rules we will start to form a habit and think, “well nothing bad happens anyway”.

Once a habit has been formed, especially in driving, we start to think it is safe and seldom question this. Most people are really nice so we will look for reasons as to why we should keep up the bad behaviour on the roads. For example, we will say “everybody does this” “my car does not like doing less than 30pmh” ” I get bullied on the roads, if I stick to the rules”. These sort of comments are just out defensive mechanism coming in to help us, we really do want to stay ‘nice’ people so there MUST be reasons why our behaviour is letting us down.

It cannot be us! It is all beyond our control anyway, Dr. Steve Peters, explains this as the ‘snow white’ syndrome. After all nothing was Snow White’s fault, it was all someone else.

Antisocial behaviour and antisocial driving seems to come up in the top 10 concerns of our communities. The worrying thing is that it is often quoted that the better drivers we become, as in technical skills behind the wheel, if we allow it, the worst our behaviour can become.

Now I know it is not easy for most people to control their behaviour, especially if it is habitual. However we can control our behaviour if we simply want to. There is a lot to be said about emotional intelligence or EQ for short.

There are lots of books on EQ, one of the best I have read, so far, is “The chimp paradox” by Dr Steven Peters.

Do something about your Driver Attitude and Behaviour today. If you need any guidance please get in touch, if we can’t help you, we might know someone who can, You can reach us at [email protected]

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