The Basics Of Staying Safe On The Road

We spend so much time on the roads these days and so safe driving is absolutely paramount. Regular driving skills refresher courses should really be a requirement of all drivers!

Some of the more basic safety concerns are addressed below to help you stay safe on the road.

Slow down when conditions are bad

In all seasons there are times when conditions make roads much more dangerous. The most obvious being heavy rain. But you also have to, depending on your climate, be wary of sun strike (that point in the day when the sun is rising or setting and hits your windscreen in such a way that it effectively blinds you), snow, black ice (the kind of ice that you can’t actually see because it just looks like normal road surface), hail, as well as debris from stormy weather. And something not everyone is aware of is that a road is at its most slippery when it first rains after a long dry spell. Even the best driver can easily come unstuck when confronted with these types of hazards so slowing down really is the best way to go.

Keep your car in an appropriately road worthy state

The obvious points to raise here are to ensure your tyres have enough tread on them, that your windscreen is clean, that you car’s lights are all in working order. But there are some less obvious ones like ensuring you have a first aid kit on board, along with things like a torch, tow rope, and even some emergency food or water and a blanket when you’re on a long road trip where you may end up being a long way from home with the chance of being stranded for a time.

Subscribe for emergency roadside assistance

You might not need it, but chances are you will at some point. And the relatively small amount of money you have to pay in order to subscribe to this type of service will then suddenly seem like it was worth every cent!

Keep yourself in optimum condition to drive

This means that obviously you should stay well away from drugs and alcohol when driving. But also make sure you’re not overly tired. Tiredness is a real killer as it can creep up on you and the consequences can be devastating. Many of us wouldn’t dream of driving while drunk and yet we’d drive while too tired, even though the effects of tiredness can equal those of alcohol!

Drive safe everybody!

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