Benefits of Using An Android Car GPS Unit

Most of the modern day cars come with built in GPS systems which will guide the driver to correctly reach a destination. But with the developments in mobile technology, the Smartphones are able to provide better mobile GPS connectivity than what is capable with a built-in car GPS. This is provided by the android operating system developed by Google. The GPS app in android phone will help us to view turn by turn update of the road in which we are traveling. They will also provide us the necessary update on the roads regularly. The latest features like Google Street View Capabilities will be beneficial for those who are exploring a new place.

One of the compelling features for using android GPS system is that it is always connected to internet and the information that is gained from them are up-to-date. This feature is not available with built in GPS units as it gets updated only when they are taken to the service center and connected to a computer. Thus the information provided by in-car-GPS will become outdated soon. The turn-by-turn feature is something which can give you accurate position of your location and will guide you to the given destination by telling you accurately where to turn your vehicle.

Another feature of android phones is that they can be operated by voice commands. You can just tell the place to which you need the direction and suddenly the phone will give you all the needed updates about that place. The speech recognition technology is safer than handling the phone while you are driving. This feature is available in all the latest android phones. Then there are options for automatically showing the pictures and street view of the places through which you are passing.

For using as a GPS unit, the phone must be securely placed on a rigid support. There are many mounting devices available in the market for placing your phone on the dashboard while you are driving. The only downside of using android GPS unit is that it should always be connected to the internet. Same is the case with all GPS systems. While using the maps in android phones, there is a constant usage of data which will cost you money. But comparatively the charge levied is less. This is not a problem if you are using an unlimited data plan which is easily available from all the service providers.

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