Benefits Of Road Transport

We cannot do without transportation. Road transport is one of the most popular means of transport used today, having both extensive paved and unpaved network of roads. It involves use of buses, cars, vans, taxis, lorries, large trucks and even bicycles. These modes are very easy to learn for beginners and do not require exemplary skills to use. Several business people have in turn invested heavily in this sector creating bus and even taxi business especially in the cities. This has greatly contributed to the economy’s growth hence being a key driver to development of countries. Several people depend on the this transport sector for a living having been employed as different professionals. For example, drivers, bus conductors, road constructors. Road is a common means of transport of good and cargo, passengers and even services due to various reasons:

· Flexibility

It is flexible; there are several road routes that can be used by commuters to get to their destinations in case there is a problem with one. For example, when there is blockage or even accidents. This even allows for door-to-door services for the commuters. It allows transport and delivery of goods from seller’s location to the buyer’s very own home.

· Speed

Use of speedy vehicles has enabled quick transport for people, goods and services to their destinations. Delays in transit of goods on account of intermediate loading and handling are avoided. Resultantly, this has made this transport very economical for short and medium distances.

· Low capital

Less capital is required for constructing road infrastructure compared to other modes of transport. In addition to that, there is also less overhead costs as the cost of maintaining road infrastructure is quite low amongst all other means of transport. This is makes road transport a cheap and affordable means of transport.

· Low investment price

Due to low capital requirement, lower investment is required in the road transport sector. This has attracted multiple investors who in turn have boosted the road transport sector.

· Complements other means of transport

Road transport complements other means of transport because it acts as a feeder of other modes of transport. Movement of goods, whether via air or railway transport ultimately requires to be complemented by road to get to their required destinations.

· Convenience

Convenience is also another attribute of road transport. There is no fixed time schedule for vehicles. People can travel at whatever time they deem fit.

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