The Benefits of Taking Towing Lessons

So many people believe they can buy a trailer or horse-box and take to the roads. This is not the case at all, especially in the UK where there are strict rules and regulations about the weight of the trailer and the driving license you hold.

Whether you intend taking towing lessons to pull a small trailer for home use or a horse-box, or you want to pull a larger caravan or trailer for work, there are benefits associated with taking the proper course and passing the test.

Firstly there are many speed limits associated with driving on the road. In general country lanes are often thirty miles an hour and these increases to up to seventy miles once you hit the motorway. When you have a trailer, horse-box or caravan behind you, these speeds aren’t always wise and you will need the knowledge you get through towing lessons to help you decide the best speed for you.

The best rule of thumb is to stick with the speed you are most comfortable with. As you may imagine you’re not going flying down the motorway in the overtaking lane when you have a caravan hitched to your vehicle. It’s general knowledge you will be in the slow lane and your speed will be dramatically reduced.

The speed also plays a role in how the trailer reacts, which is where towing lessons come into, play. Horse boxes and caravans are quite high, which means side winds affect them and can create drag on the vehicle. You can learn what vehicles you will need to pull which trailers, helping you cut any damage you may cause to your vehicles.

The next benefit of towing lessons is how to manage your load. It’s essential to make sure your load is evenly placed, reducing the risk of your trailer leaning to one side. You will learn how to hitch and unhitched your trailer properly and checking all your lights are working and that your brakes and tyres are all in good condition.

When you’re pulling a trailer you can’t suddenly slam on your brakes, this means you need more awareness of your surroundings whether you’re driving on a busy motorway or quiet country road. You need to always be watching the cars in front of you and give yourself plenty of room should you need to break.

Towing lessons will teach you how to break effectively when carrying a heavy load. This is essential as should you have to slam on your brakes for any reason, it’s important to remember that your trailer will push you send and can even jack-knife or roll, obviously problems you want to avoid when driving on the road.

Reversing is not as easy as you may think. Most people know that when reversing with a trailer, the trailer goes in the opposite direction to the vehicle. This means if you want to reverse the trailer to the right, you reverse your vehicle to the left and vice versa. Towing lessons are essential in teaching you the art of reversing with a trailer and how to manoeuvre them into parking spaces.

Whenever you carry on the road and have a larger load, such as a caravan or horse-box, you will know about the safety associated with this driving. An example would be extendable mirrors so you can see what vehicles are doing behind you and how to make sure you fix your trailer vehicle safely and effectively. These are all things you can learn through an effective training programme.

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