The Best New Cars For 2013

2013 has brought some interesting developments for new cars in Sydney. Mitsubishi has released the cheapest 5-star ANCAP rated vehicle ever; Nissan has attempted to bring some spark back to the Pulsar model with an impressive new hatch; Volkswagen has created the most appealing small car interior of the year; and Hyundai has introduced a special three-door edition of the i30. My favourite, however, is definitely Toyota’s new Rav4. Read on to discover more about the five best new cars for 2013.

Mitsubishi Mirage

The Mitsubishi Mirage, selling for just $12,990 drive away, is one of the most inexpensive cars to have hit the Sydney market in 2013. It’s also one of the highest-selling small vehicles of the year and the cheapest car to come with a five-star ANCAP safety rating. Safety features include stability control and six airbags. The five year warranty provides peace of mind and the capped-price servicing is definitely a money saver. On the negative side, the manual transmission is kind of noisy, the steering is slow to respond and there’s no cruise control.

Nissan Pulsar Hatch

The sedan was the first car to breathe new life into the Nissan Pulsar model in 2013, but the Hatch is definitely the winner. The ST is selling at $22,006; the ST-L at $25,611; the ST-S at $28, 598 and the SSS at $33,027, so there’s a version for every budget. Pros include plenty of legroom and an emphasis on comfort; an efficient, easy-to-control steering system; 16-inch alloy wheels; remote keyless entry; an impressive sound system (with four speakers and Bluetooth); and, unlike the Mirage, power steering and a pleasantly tranquil cabin. As far as the cons go, it’s not exactly exciting, style-wise, and the back seats (annoyingly) don’t flatten onto the floor.

Volkswagen Golf 7

The seventh generation Volkswagen Golf has a lot of things going for it. As far as small-car interiors go, it’s possibly 2013’s most impressive, with plenty of upholstering to create a stylish appearance and a luxurious feel. Plus, the list of features has expanded, to now include cruise control, a speed limiter, a trip computer, auto wipers, dual-zone climate control, a reversing camera and front and rear parking sensors. On the negative side, it’s not at its best when coping with slow traffic, lacking a refined driveline in stop-start situations.

Toyota Rav4

This one has to be my favourite of all the automobiles to have emerged during 2013. It’s the fourth generation version of Toyota’s extremely popular compact SUV and this time, it’s available on diesel. It’s also a little cheaper than previous models, with a starting price of $28,490, and the 2.2 litre beauties going for $35,490. Basically, Toyota has continued to improve on the already well thought out Rav4, producing a higher quality, easier-to-drive and more stylish model than any we’ve seen before. The only negative to keep in mind is that the diesel tow rating might be off-putting for some potential buyers.

Hyundai i30 Special Edition

With this model, Hyundai has become the only manufacturer to offer a three-door small car to the Australian market. Entry price is $19,990 driveaway. The i30 Special Edition’s benefits include fluid drive-ability, fuel economy, a stylish appearance, 16-inch alloy wheel, fog lamps (both front and rear) and a host of standard equipment, including Bluetooth, a multifunctional steering wheel and a five-inch touchscreen. Overall, it’s a great buy, the only negative being that the 1.6 litre engine isn’t overly powerful.

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