Break The Mould And Pick A Company Car With A Difference

Although the term Mondeo man is far less common in the UK these days, that idea of your average bloke doing his business travel in a solid, but let’s face it a tad dull and uninspiring, motor still sticks in some people’s minds.

It came from the fact so many of the aforementioned business types used that particular Ford as a company car – but with so many great options out there, now is the perfect time to inject some imagination into your vehicle of choice, without sacrificing fuel efficiency and other essentials.

Vauxhall Adam

New to the market this year, the Vauxhall Adam is in an interesting addition to the firm’s range of vehicles. Ok if you’re the older gent, or lady, picking up an Adam with the Trim choices of Jam, Slam or Glam, might not quite rock your world, but for the younger workers out there it might have some sway. Throw in a huge variety of customisation options and this car has the swagger to make people instantly forget about the typical image of a company vehicle.

The best low tax choice at present is the 1.2 litre petrol engine, which will give a very respectable bill as low as £27 at the time of writing.

Peugeot 508 RXH

For the more distinguished company person, the 508 RXH certainly ticks a number of the right boxes. It looks great, it’s a big hulking machine with a lot of road presence, but then thanks to its diesel electric hybrid engine, the 508 RXH is also available at a low company car tax. At the time of wring the annual car tax on these motor comes in at around £1600, taking the Mondeo as an alternative, you’d be looking at something akin to £3400.

It comes well equipped with goodies, gets about 68.9 mpg and is certainly a big car to feel like the man, or the woman, in.

Mitsubishi Mirage

The new global car from Mitsubishi is something a little calmer if the Adam is too flamboyant and the 508 RXH to grandiose for your liking. It is supposed to offer a fuel efficiency of up to 70.6 mpg and its 1.0 litre engine has low CO2 emissions, perfect for keeping the company tax nice and low.

Audi A3 Sportback

Alternatively, if you are after a brand car with some clout, the Audi A3 Sportback is a great option. Its 1.6 diesel engine offers 74.3mpg and it offers a great build quality, mixed together nicely with a decent drive and reasonably low running costs.

Now Something A Little Different: Renault Zoe And Vauxhall Ampera

If you are looking to go green you could try the Zoe as a company car with a difference. As a fully electric car, this would probably be better for those looking to use it for a city commute rather than on the motorways as its range is around 100 miles and you can only charge it in a specially fitted dock from British Gas at present. Still, if electric cars continue to grow in popularity, the Zoe and the bigger Vauxhall Ampera could be the beginning of a very green future for company cars.

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