What If You Build a Car Wash And No One Shows Up With Their Vehicle to Clean?

The other day I was writing a business plan for a local small business. I was describing my frustration to a friend. Oh the business plan itself was fine, but the economic factors, ObamaCare and other issues would make things tougher than normal. My friend told me that the economy was poor because of rich corporations and the 1% not paying their fair share – yes, my friend is a socialist, but claims to be a democrat, we joke about that a lot actually.

You see, I don’t like crony capitalism, and I see free-market capitalism as our savior, a way to heal all that ails our economy – and the global economy for that matter. Now then, the business plan we were preparing was for a car wash, and the economy does affect this sector, but it isn’t the sole decider of success or failure. I told my friend that I had always done well in a down economy, and I would not allow the economy to seal my fate or future in business – instead you have to dig in deeper and work harder – I even told my friend; “I don’t participate in recessions,” meaning I refuse to quit – hard work can overcome.

My friend then noted; “Well then, the economy had an effect on you then – did it not for you ‘worked harder and smarter’. America is not weak nor is it becoming weak. Let’s say no one brought you their car to wash – would that be your choice? The thing about knowledge is that we never will know it all.

Americans are getting week. The comment “what if you built a car wash and no one came” is a false argument, too many business owners think like that – you have to go out and get your business. The mentality that someone might start a business or build a website and everyone will come flock and buy is silly.

You see, in my view – you don’t wait for business to come to you, rather you go out and get it. But this same mentality we see in government – build a website and everyone will sign up for ObamaCare, it doesn’t work like that. This lazy unforgivable attitude is what’s wrong and it is a sure sign of weakness. People wait for their government checks, they wait for the economy to recover, they wait and watch and wonder what happened – I see this as weakness. What about the can do attitude?

Sometimes I see people are becoming weak, meek and believe they can’t do something that they just wait for the government, which never will, to come save them. The government cannot provide jobs efficiently, and it does a lousy job in economic affairs, which shouldn’t surprise any of us, as they seem to be perplexed on how to come up with a budget on time. Please consider all this and think on it.

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