Buying That Car That You Want For Your Price

*Your first automobile or your next automobile. Cars, houses and food seem to be a main staple. Transportation is essential and there will come that time when you either have to or want to make that new or newer car purchase. When doing so, one must be willing to balance the needs of the particular vehicle verses the wants. An example is one may want to buy a BMW FRESH off the car lot with that fresh car smell that we all (well most of us) adore.

The sensible buyer comes prepared and has done their research and discovered what the exact value of their trade in is prior to even shopping for a car so they can leverage their assets to make the outcome in their favor. Most people buy with emotion ie; color of the vehicle, how many cylinders, the horsepower, whether it is a four dour sedan or a two door coupe. When in all actuality, the best way to buy a car is by using a simple method: Taking a piece of paper and drawing a line down the middle and list what you have regarding down payments and what you can afford regarding a monthly payment and doing research with your insurance company asking them If you bought the BMW or a huge 3500 Diesel with a gooseneck attachment. You need to decide what you can afford and what will do the job for you.

Extract the emotion from the desire to buy and make it a strict business decision that you are comfortable with. Once you have determined what you need and what *you can afford then shop around. You may be a GM person deep down, but keep that card tucked in your pocket. Next talk with a few car salesmen and ask them what they would offer you for your trade in or if you had a down payment of X amount of dollars to put toward that certain vehicle to see what offers surface. After all, you do want to travel in what you like not what you were forced into buying.

This next step is vitally important: Make sure that you go to five (yes five different dealerships) and have the above conversation. Do not allow urgency to rule your conversation as anyone could pick up on such diction and you may wind up driving away with something you did not want. After the conversation with the salespeople, get a card and go home. No need to wait. The people that you talked to will contact you. When they do, be slow to answer and make them show you what you want and remember your assets and needs. This point of the conversation is often overtaken by emotion on the buyer’s side hence the term “buyer’s remorse”. As the buyer purchased something on emotion verses the need.

Remember when traveling around to different car lots and looking at BMW’s or Big Trucks you want to have the upper hand when purchasing that new vehicle. You want to make the least amount of payments and get the most amount of enjoyment during and after the buying experience. One final note: Don’t rule out a Lease option but beware that there are many restrictions that come with such.

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