Cadillac BLS Wagon Is Roomy and Sporty

The Cadillac BLS Wagon was designed to provide the driver with ample space for anything they choose to carry. GM has loaded the BLS Wagon with a front-wheel drive chassis that can produce either 175bhp or 210bhp depending if you choose the 2.0 four-cylinder turbo models. There is also the option of choosing an even more powerful 2.0 liter petrol 200bhp Flexpower model that is also capable of running on E85 fuel. The TID powertrain that is installed in the 1.9 liter version is equipped with an advanced diesel filter. What makes this filter so advanced is that it is self-cleaning and maintenance free; it requires no additives or replacement. The particulate filter periodically burns off particulates using short pulses of over-fueling in order to keep the exhaust free of contaminants.

The exterior of the vehicle includes classic Cadillac edges in the front, such as, the classic V-shaped grill, vertical tail lights, alloy roof bars along with a high mounted brake light located on the rear spoiler. The spacious interior of the BLS offers the driver 419 liters of storage space with the rear seats in place and up to 1,273 liters of storage space with the seats folded down.

In every BLS Cadillac installs their Elegance trim package that includes premium equipment such as, leather trim, power and heated seats in the front, an impressive BOSE system, a Bluetooth phone system that allows for the driver to use their phones without having to remove their hands from the steering wheel and electronic dynamic stability control.

If you are concerned about fuel mileage and efficiency, you may want to choose the turbo diesel version. This version of the BLS Wagon averages 48mpg and produces and acceptable level of CO2 emissions. If you prefer more power in your vehicles then the 2.0 liter turbo version will offer you the power you want and still maintain a rather efficient set of numbers.

Cadillac has designed a car that will suit younger buyers looking for something different and older drivers who are looking for a vehicle that offers them more cargo space. There is something in the BLS Wagon that every age group will find attractive. The BLS Wagon is a well styled car that blends practicality with the sporty looking edge that many drivers are looking for. Whichever engine model you choose you will be guaranteed to be able to get the most out of your Cadillac BLS Wagon. It is not only an aesthetically appealing automobile, but you can rest assured that everything you are trying to load into it will fit with ease.

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