How You Can Repair Car Upholstery

Seeing tears or holes in your car upholstery could be frustrating as you may need to spend a lot of money on a repair job. However, you can repair the tears or holes without making use of a professional if you can take to these tips.

You should examine the upholstery to discover the type of material it is made of. Is it leather, vinyl or a woven fabric blend? Knowing the material type will determine the approach you are going to use in handling the repair.

Furthermore, the nature of the problem should be determined. Are you dealing with tears or holes created by cigarette burns? Tears should be handled in a different manner from holes created by cigarette burns. By knowing the nature of the problem, you will be able to narrow your focus on possible solutions.

You should get a needle and thread it. The thread should be strong enough for use with upholstery products. You should also make sure that the needle is strong and slightly curved instead of a simple sewing needle. A lot of fabric shops sell upholstery needles and it is not difficult to get one from any of the shops. In an emergency situation, you can get a curved canvas needle from a marina.

Subsequently, the torn area should be properly sewn and you can carry out this process with a simple “X” stitch. A stitch of this type is a crisscross design creating an X appearance. The stitches should be placed closely so that the overall hold of the stitching will be strengthened.

In addition, a small amount of upholstery gel should be applied over the stitching, and this is recommended for leather and vinyl only. A patch with a similar grain should be used to indent the surface of the gel so that a pattern that will soften the appearance of the stitches will be created.

The gel should be allowed to set and subsequently, the tear or hole should be fully sealed so that the torn area does not continue to get bigger. The hardened gel will be a source of protection for the stitches and will ensure that any stitching that could produce a new tear in the immediate area is prevented. You don’t need to worry about spending a lot of money on repairing your car upholstery, once you can follow these simple steps, you can put it back in shape.

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