Car Air Horns – Stand Out From The Rest!

Air horns for cars seem to be making a bit of a comeback, in the 70’s and 80’s these were heard all over the place. Dual toned or multi toned air horns that were so loud and could even play tunes much like the one from the cult American TV show ‘The Dukes Of Hazard’.

However, in modern times they died out a little. Now though they are certainly starting to become a trend yet again. Especially in the age of car customizations, and boy racers who want their car to be as “cool” as possible.

Teenagers these days just like to make as much noise as possible, they like their engines to be as loud as they can, sound stereo systems with boom tubes to increase the bass levels and now the air horn. Add these to the other common favourites such as eon lights beaming out from underneath the car, blacked out windows and customized body parts number plates, young adults are building their own cars just how they want them.

What Do Air Horns Consist Of?

Air horns are what are known as an auxiliary horn which makes use of an air compressor. This results in an extremely loud tone which is dramatically louder than and standard car horn. They are usually consisted of a compressor, a relay and two horns attached to some tubing. Each of the horns will produce a different tone.

What About The Neighbours?

Let’s be honest here, when have our kids ever cared about the neighbours? This is just one of their ways to express themselves, and to be honest what harm is it really doing? They are doing nothing different than we all did back when we were younger, if anything we should be a little jealous that we didn’t have all of this fun when we were youngsters.

Do try and keep within the law though, there are many cities across the world that have banned the use of air horns. So just double check and make sure you are not breaking any laws.

Where To Buy One?

Well these can be found everywhere when you look online, due to the re-emergence in popularity these are no longer so difficult to find. Of course as is the same with buying anything online you should always make sure that the website is legit.

Once you have done that you are ready to peruse their air horn selection, make sure you go for one that suits your tastes, budget and specifications. Prices will vary but make sure you are not paying for a sub standard model.

Why not go for a 5 tone model to really stand out from the crowd? These are the kind that will play a selection of tunes using the 5 separate toned horns. There are a wide variety of tunes that can be played; yes… even the ‘Dukes Of Hazard’ is still available.

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