Car Buying Tips for Negotiating Prices

Among the first car buying tips that people want to know is how to get the best price on the car they want. Of course, the first one that you should be aware of, is that if you know what you want, and remember that you can walk away at any time, you have the power at the negotiating table. Here are a few other handy car buying tips to keep in mind that can also help you to save money.

Research and Preparation Give You Power

Nothing keeps a car salesman off-balance quite like the knowledge that you already know what you are talking about. While you do not have to know everything, knowing what your priorities are, and what you will pay, gives you bargaining power. The car dealer wants to sell you a car, and they make a profit only when you drive away in one of their cars. But if you have your eyes set on a certain make and model and you know what the average price they really sell for in your area, you can stay more focused.

Know the Price Before You Go

As car buying tips go, this may seem impossible. But the fact is that you can set your budget before you go out car shopping, and being able to set a limit will help you considerably when you get to negotiating time. While you may not be able to know the exact price of the car you eventually buy, knowing how much you can reasonably pay each month will keep you from over-spending.

Do Not Let Them Talk About Your Trade-In Value

If you are trading in a used car for trade-in value, that amount should be completely separate from the cost of the car you are buying. You can find out what the trade-in value should be even before you go to the dealer (I describe how in the Car Buying Tips Guide), and having that information on hand will also help you to save some money. Car dealers often try to make a trade-in deduction sound great against a price they name, but the two valuations should occur completely separately because the price of the new car is not based on the value of your old car, or vice versa.

The best car buying tips are about your ability to get what you need and walk away if you do not hear what you like.

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