Car Dealer Add-Ons To Avoid

While you are in the process of purchasing a new car, your salesperson will try to convince you to purchase special features, services, and miscellaneous add-ons that you probably do not really need. You may be tempted to splurge on these extras, especially if you are not really sure if they are necessary or not, so you need to go into a car dealership armed with knowledge beforehand. In this way, you will not be tricked into spending more money than you are comfortable with on your new vehicle just because the salesperson wants to make a higher commission and land a more expensive sale for his boss.

Read on to learn about the extras that many car dealerships will try to sell you. They may be firm in trying to convince you that you really need these features, but the ultimate truth is that you really don’t need them at all. So be firm right back and tell them that you know what you need and what you don’t need.

Paint Protection

The car salesperson may tell you that he can have his staff add on a special protective coating onto the exterior of your car. The purpose of this is to keep your paint finish looking shiny and like new for at least the first year that you own the vehicle, despite what dirt, debris, pollution, and weather conditions take their toll on the car. The reality, though, is that you can save a lot of money by avoiding this extra altogether and simply following the basic rules of washing and waxing the car on a regular basis. This will keep your car looking like new without having to break the bank. After all, you are already spending enough money on the car purchase.

Fabric Protection

Many car dealerships will try to sell you fabric protection too. This is an expensive extra that can make them a lot of money because it really costs them next to nothing to simply spray some stain repellent onto the interior of your new vehicle. Opt instead to save a bunch of money by purchasing some of the spray at an automotive supply store and doing the job yourself. You will have the assurance that if you or your family members spill anything on the fabric, it will be fine, and you will also save a lot of money as a result.

VIN Etching

VIN, or window, etching is actually a really good idea. It is an easy process by which your vehicle’s identification number is etched into the windows and windshields. This can deter thieves from taking your car because it is easier to track down and it makes it more difficult for the thieves to resell the parts of your vehicle that they normally profit off of. You may even save a bit of money on your car insurance policy as a result. The reality, though, is that you can easily do this yourself using a kit from the auto supply store, without having to pay a ridiculous amount at the dealership.

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