Why Car Dealers Want You to Buy New

Deciding whether to purchase a new or pre-owned automobile can be difficult. Discussing your decision with car dealers can help you better understand the pros and cons of each option. Though both choices have their advantages and disadvantages, buying new can save you money through advancements in energy and fuel efficiency. Most new cars come equipped with ingenious new technologies that can enhance and enrich your driving experience. Buying new alleviates any concerns about the history or poor condition of a used vehicle. Additionally, interest rates are generally lower on new cars. Here are a few reasons why buying new can often be the best choice.


Computer processors have had an unprecedented effect on the innovation of the auto industry. Manufacturers have implemented incredible new technology to keep you and your family safe on the road. These are just a few of the features currently available:

  • Stability and handling control
  • Blind spot observation
  • Backup cameras
  • Lane-change notifications

Fuel and Energy Efficiency

Fuel-efficient vehicles have been on the market for a few years, but soon they may be the industry standard. By 2016, federal regulations on fuel efficiency are set to increase from 27.5 to 39 MPG. Those who expect to put a lot of mileage on their vehicle can potentially balance the extra costs of buying new with increased savings in gas expense. Electric vehicles are also on the rise. These autos are capable of saving an exponential amount in fuel costs and are in high demand, making them much easier to purchase new than used.

Peace of Mind

Buying from used car dealers can be risky. The unclear history of a used vehicle can cast doubts in a consumer’s mind. Most people buy used with the intention of selling or trading in for another used model years later. Rather than worrying about the extent of the previous owner’s abuse, buying a new car assures you that your vehicle’s condition is your responsibility alone. Routine maintenance and careful driving will keep your odometer rolling past 100,000 miles. Keeping your vehicle in good condition will diminish the inaugural taxes and loss of depreciation, averaging the total cost closer to buying used in the first place.

Financing and Resale

Most people choose to buy used due to depreciation of value. However, vehicles in high demand normally have a higher resale price. Recognition of a brand’s quality and reliability can diminish the amount of depreciation. Additionally, used cars may initially cost less but come with a higher interest rate on monthly payments. Car dealers will offer much lower interest rates and better financing on new models.

Buying new has many advantages, but smart shoppers will always compare and contrast their options to find the best choice. Making the most economical decision possible ensures satisfaction with your purchase. Assessing your needs and budget will make the purchasing process relatively simple. Buy new if you have the means to afford an automobile that takes advantage of the latest in safety technology and fuel economy.

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