Car Dealerships Can Offer One Stop Shopping

You have two options when buying vehicles. One, you can go to car dealerships and buy new or used. Two, you can buy used from private parties. Which one requires the least amount of legwork and the most benefits? Let’s look at why dealerships may be your best bet!


Time is one of the most precious things we have. Unfortunately, oftentimes we do not have enough hours in the day. Working long hours or two jobs, and squeezing in family time can take up every spare moment. If you are seriously looking for transportation, you could save a lot of time by visiting a dealer at one location.


Dealers have new, leased and used cars. In addition, they have some interesting purchase options on previously leased sedans. Most lots have an ample selection of new transportation in a variety of makes and models. However, if you don’t see what you are looking for, you can order a new one in the color you want and with all the bells and whistles.

Car dealerships usually have a large inventory of used automobiles for your inspection, so it is like one stop shopping. You can go through the lot yourself or have a salesperson assist you in your search.


You aren’t going to get a certified automobile or a warranty deal from private parties selling vehicles. Dealers can offer certified pre-owned trucks, sedans, vans, and SUVs. Certification does vary from one dealer to another, so it is important to read the paperwork to see what is covered.

Certification is a rigorous inspection of the vehicle to see that everything is in good working order. These may cost a bit more, but it does provide some peace of mind that you are not buying junk.


The salespeople are professionals, and they know how to fill out paperwork and obtain financing. This can be a wonderful benefit for those people that are new to vehicle shopping. They’ll also work to find the best financing, which helps to assure the sale will go through. Obtaining financing is usually quick and easy, and it saves you time from applying at banks. In some cases, they may have a great deal on in-house loan financing too.


When shopping, most people feel better about buying a product or auto with a warranty. Shoppers can get new warranties from the manufacturer or they may have the option of limited or extended warranties from dealers.


When purchasing used autos from private parties, you have little indication of who you are dealing with. You do not really know how the vehicle was cared for or whether you’re putting yourself in danger when test driving with a stranger. Safety concerns are much less of an issue with reputable dealers.

Dealerships have a name to live up to and they want repeat business. Therefore, they have incentives to assure their customers are satisfied. If problems arise the dealer can usually deal with them in-house.

Car dealerships offer several benefits like saving time, a good selection of vehicles, financing and warranties. It sure makes it easy for one stop shopping!

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