Car Drink Holder Innovative Concept – Measures Temperature Then Has Plus-Minus Option

Not long ago, I was talking to a fellow entrepreneur in the automotive sector. He had worked for a company and done quite well selling aftermarket auto accessories, the kind you see at the big SEMA show every year in Las Vegas. In any case, we were talking about different new ideas and innovations. He told me one that he had that he wishes to patent, and perhaps go into production if he can figure out exactly how to do that, and make them for a good price.

Then I decided that perhaps I could come up with an innovation of my own, one which solves the problem for auto owners, and one which could be of value to just about anyone with any modern-day automobile. Let me explain the concept I came up with after considering this for 15 minutes. You see, in many parts of the country the humidity is quite high, and so are the temperatures. If you buy a big gulp from the local convenience store and put it into your drink holder you will notice there is more water on the outside of the cup than there is on the inside.

Perhaps you live in a colder climate where you buy a cup of hot coffee, and the next thing you know it’s already too cold to drink. It goes from being too hot to too cold faster than you can drink it down. Drinking cold coffee is no fun. Okay so here is an invention that would solve those problems. It would be an insulated drink holder sleeve which fits into your current drink holder. On the inside it could cool the temperature or heat it up. The device would take the temperature of whatever you put into the sleeve and if it was a warm temperature it would raise the temperature 5-degrees. If it was a colder temperature it would lower the temperature by 5-degress.

There would also be a plus and minus button that you could hit with your finger, each time you hit the button it would raise the temperature or lower it by 2-degrees. The filament inside of the unit would plug into your AC adapter where the cigarette lighter goes. This would be quite easy to do with some of the new materials that are out now such as carbon nanotubes with graphene coatings.

The entire system would be a composite material very thin and able to store the energy for heat or cooling. I imagine these can sell for $19.99 and everyone would buy one. Wouldn’t you? Please consider all this and think on it.

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