Car Gadgets That Were Epic Failures!

It seems that more and more of our daily activities are being made easier by the introduction of automation and various bits of technology designed to help us. Many of them are very helpful and seem to take a lot of hassle out of the way we do things. Some of these innovations have been designed to help us drive a little more safely or perhaps to make the experience more enjoyable. And that is a noble cause indeed, but some of these appliances have had quite the opposite effect on our vehicular activities. This article takes a second look at some of the lesser introductions that never really hit the target regarding motoring.

Cooled And Heated Cupholders


This may have seemed like a really useful option to somebody, somewhere, but the truth is that it is a real donkey that shouldn’t have left the ‘bad idea’ room in the first place! We get our drinks in a plastic or foam based cup and that usually keeps the drink cool or warm for about 10-20 minutes, depending on the cabin temperature. The cup warmer/cooler may work fine on a cup that has been designed to take the direct heat that is on offer, but the cups we get from the gas stations or whoever sells the drinks, really do not take kindly to these warming appliances. You may get a little cool/heat from the gadget but we’d much rather wait for the real thing a little further on down the road!

Rear Headrest Entertainment Systems 


Okay, this seems like an awesome idea, especially for those ‘lucky’ enough to have two or three kids as passengers on a long journey. But it really isn’t a good idea, believe me! The problem begins when there is a dispute over which movie or game to watch/play. And quite often this argument will last almost as long as the blasted car journey itself! Kids will often unplug the headphones so you get a rather annoying peripheral sound blasting your ears whilst you are trying to stay on the road. Another issue is the cost of these screens and DVD player, something that hasn’t gone unnoticed by the neighbourhood thieves. They will target cars with these extras and soon you will be facing an expensive repair bill for a smashed window as well as having to replace these pesky appliances. The third issue remains when you compare the cost of these in comparison to the handheld entertainment systems that your kids will no doubt already have in their possession. Smartphones have the capability to play movies, host online games and social media. These screens are bad news and we can’t see why families would ever really think otherwise!

In-Car Ambient Lighting


This gadget just makes us ask one question, and that question is ‘Why’? What is the point of illuminating the floor of your vehicle? Okay it may come in handy when you need to vacuum the dust and rubbish that usually hangs out in this region, but surely you can do just as well with a little daylight to shed some visibility on the matter. The people who think that this is cool are probably the same ones who are scratching their heads about why their drinks haven’t heated up in the magical heated cupholder…

Learn By These Mistakes!


Not everyone has the same practical outlook, and it is their money to play with after all. Just remember to think a little before splashing out hundreds on that next ‘super car gadget’, you’ll be happy that you did!

Dean Saliba

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