Car Hire Basics: What You Need To Know

Car hire services provide convenient transportation when on vacation and give individuals the chance to move around when their cars are on repair or inaccessible. However, it is important to have a basic idea of what is involved before renting a car. Having the required information helps individuals get the right car for their needs and save money.


Car rental companies have set different standards for renting cars to clients. Many companies require clients to be 25 years and older. However, there are companies that have set an age limit of 21 years and over. Most companies look into clients’ driving records to find out if they have had major driving incidents that indicate they are poor drivers.


Most auto insurance policies cover holders against damages they cause to a rental car. Nevertheless, car rental companies offer other types of insurance policies like personal effects coverage, collision damage waiver and personal accident insurance at an extra fee for a day. Consider calling your insurance company to find out if you are covered in case of an accident in a rental car. Alternatively, find out from your credit card company if they offer rental protection cover.

Some credit card companies cover deductibles and additional expenses that are not covered by the insurance company at an additional fee. To do this one must use the credit card when paying for a rental.

Some home owners insurance cover damage caused to clients’ luggage in a rental car. However, people can save a lot of money on a rental if they do not go for the extra coverage plans.


The base cost for a car hire service refers to the daily rental rate. Car hire services include additional costs that are normally added to the final bill. There are certain strategies people can use to avoid the extra costs.

Some car hire companies set mileage limits and restrictions on where clients can drive. Clients who fail to abide by the restrictions and terms will have to pay additional charges as penalty fees. Fuel charges may also be included in the final fees.

Consider the distance the car will cover and the price of gas in the locality. The rate charged for the car hire service may be higher than if the client filled the car’s gas tank before returning the car.

Additional charges that may add up to the final fee include fees for having extra drivers, young drivers and airport surcharges among others. Some car hire companies charge extra when the client drops the car at a different location. Taxes charged on car hire services vary depending on the location.

Rental Tips

Shop around and compare the prices offered by different rental companies. Information on car hire service fees can be obtained through direct enquiries or by checking the prices offered by various companies on the Internet.

The cost of a car hire service is determined by how long the client keeps the car, the location and time when the car is hired. Smaller vehicles cost less to hire than bigger gas-guzzlers. In addition, clients are likely to pay less if they hire, for instance, for a whole week than if they pay for each day separately.

Request for a full quote that offers a breakdown of all the charges and surcharges based on the features of the desired car. This will offer more accurate information essential in making comparisons.

Car hire services are a great idea in many situations. Many people hire cars when they are out of town and need a convenient way to move around for the time when they will be away. Renting a car is a very simple process. The requirements for renting a car vary with the company and location.

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