Car Ideas For First Time Drivers

First-time drivers require safety and reliable transportation that will fit into their tight budget. Top criteria include general cost and safety features; however, other considerations consist of gas mileage, exterior design, and interior comfort. Researchers have revealed that the top three characteristics desired by consumers are reliability 76%, safety 74%, and price 63%.

Regardless of which way you look at it, when it comes down to buying a car for a first time driver, many parents agree with experts that vehicles with notable safety features are most important. Selecting a car with amazing crash performance features such as obligatory air-bags and electric stability control can increase a first time driver’s odds in an accident and maintain your peace of mind.

Great Cars for First Time Drivers

For under $15,000, the Sonic is an amazingly entertaining and attractive looking vehicle. Available with high-end features like satellite radio, makes it seem much more luxurious. With a high number of standard airbags, the Sonic also comes with front disc/rear drum ABS and stability control, making it an incredibly safe vehicle.

-2013 Toyota Yaris

The Toyota Yaris seems more ample than it actually is. Its hatchback design, obtainable in two or four door, makes it a perfect choice for first time drivers who desire an automobile capable of transporting their possessions and themselves with ease. A starting cost of approximately $15,000 and EPA estimated gas mileage of up to 37-mpg highway makes the Yaris a money saver.

-2013 Scion xD

With a beginning price of a little over $16,000 including destination, affordability is a large part of the 2013 Scion xD’s charm. Particularly due to its abundance of standard features offered by Scion. With hatchback flexibility and reasonable gas mileage, the Scion xD is a fine first timer’s pick who is in search of style and affordability.

-2013 Volkswagen Tiguan

The Volkswagen Tiguan interior seems elegant for its category. Despite being a bit too sophisticated for outside voyagers, it nonetheless improves everyday driving and feels well worth the money. Beneath the hood is a dynamic 200-horsepower turbocharged engine with functional and faultless low-end power delivery that can be compared to an all-wheel drive system. It’s not a real sporty type vehicle; however, it is sturdy and well worth the basic $23,000 and up, depending on which options are selected. It’s a vehicle a first time driver can certainly handle.

-2013 Kia Rio

First time car buyers are likely to be on a tight budget with little money to spend. However, they want bang for their buck, and they get it with the 2013 Kia Rio. The Kia offers plenty of style, options, and safety features. Six standard airbags stationed front, front-side, and side-curtain, firmness control, and four-wheel disc ABS adds to the Kia Rio’s high points for safety. Because the Rio was newly redesigned, it may seem more modern than other vehicles in its category.

There are a number of vehicles that fit the bill for first time drivers. The most important attributes to consider are safety, cost, and mileage.

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