Car Shopping Tips – Important Safety Features to Look for

Most car accidents are caused by negligence on behalf of the driver or someone else on the road. You can’t always prevent them from happening, but you can do your best to avoid injury along the way. By looking for some key safety features in the next car you buy, you could literally save your life in an accident. Here are some car shopping tips you can use to invest in the right automobile from the start.

Good Brakes

Your car needs to have good brakes so it can help you stop in an instance. When you test drive the car, don’t be afraid to slam on the brakes once or twice, just to get a feel for their strength. If they seem to hold up well in that situation, you still need to have them inspected by a trustworthy mechanic. Assuming everything looks good, you can focus on other elements of the car that will impact your safety.

Crumple Zones

Several years ago, Mercedes-Benz came up with the idea of putting crumple zones on a car’s exterior, which prevent serious damage in an accident. These zones are now employed in most new cars on the market, so you need to see if yours has them. A crumple zone will absorb the energy from a collision, which will help you avoid serious injury in the long run. That is why this feature is so important.

Whiplash Seats

Believe it or not, some cars are actually designed to help you avoid whiplash in an accident. Saab and Volvo are two of the leaders in the industry when it comes to whiplash protection, but there are many other manufacturers that are now coming out with solutions to help. The seats in these cars will lunge on impact so that your head is basically forced to go back into the headrest. This will prevent your neck from jolting forward. All of this will keep you safe in your car.

Side-curtain Airbags

Side-curtain airbags provide extra support upon impact. They are designed to essentially prevent you from moving in the car so you don’t slam against something that will hurt you. Most cars have airbags in the dash, but many models don’t have any support around the doors. You need to look for something that is going to envelop you in support.

With the right safety features on your car, you may never have to worry about serious damage in an accident.

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