Car Tyre Looking Lumpy? Get It Checked As Soon As Possible!

Summer is here, and it is time to hit the road for adventures with friends and outings with family on the weekend. There is no greater joy than that of a good road trip – with music playing, windows rolled down, and in the company of good people, great times are always around the bend; however, if the car tyres on your vehicle are lumpy or misshapen, you may be putting yourself and your loved ones in the face of unnecessary risk. Many people are unaware of the potential harm that can be caused by a misshapen car tyre – they are happy to assume that they are prepared to hit the open road, and double check everything from their picnic baskets to the route which they choose to take; however, potentially more dangerous than getting lost in the countryside are lumpy, bumpy car tyres.

So, what kinds of harm can a misshapen tyre foreshadow? First of all, a bumpy car tyre can point to a misalignment in the vehicle. If the tyre is exhibiting lumpy or uneven wear, particularly on the outer edge of the tread, the probability is that it is time for a scheduled vehicle alignment with a licensed vehicle mechanic. The alignment process allows the mechanic to readjust the wheel and tyre angles to prevent uneven, abnormal, or premature wear. Think of this as necessary preventative maintenance – a new set of tyres is no small expense, and keeping your vehicle well-maintained could save you a good chunk of your hard earned cash – a tyre rotation and vehicle alignment runs for much less than a new set of tyres altogether!

Now, if you notice a hard lump in the tyre, it is time to hightail it to an automobile shop as soon as possible. A hard bump or protrusion from the car tyre points to a few relatively serious problems waiting to happen, and left to be, a potentially life-threatening situation for the driver and passengers of the vehicle. This kind of lump in a car tyre points to either a compromise in the sidewall (which is the area between the tire tread and the rim bead) of the tyre, or a broken radial belt (which is found inside the tyre, and functions to provide a smoother ride, as well as reinforcing the tread in order to provide vehicle owners with higher mileage and improved vehicle performance). Both of these situations put the car tyre at extreme risk of blowing out due to the pressure of the lump creating of a weak spot, particularly while driving at high speeds. It is, of course, the best option to book an immediate appointment with your vehicle maintenance mechanic and have them replace the tyre(s) in question before heading out on the highway.

Of course, the prospect of having a car tyre blow out while driving with your family or friends on the highway this summer is a scary one; however, a few proactive measures taken prior to taking off on your next adventure can help ensure that your drive will be a smooth, safe, and enjoyable one. Making sure that you get your vehicle in for scheduled maintenance, including vehicle alignment and the replacement of lumpy car tyres are two necessary steps to take before you find yourself in the ditch rather than your intended destination.

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