Care For Your Car – Why Maintenance Means A Longer Lifespan

Cars are wonderful, for as long as they work, but when they go wrong they can be an utter nightmare. Hunting for a new car or trying to repair your old one is costly, and loads of hassle. As a car owner, it is totally in your interests to keep on top of the maintenance of your car. This way, you are far more likely to get a longer lifespan out of it, meaning that it’ll be longer before you have to start thinking about replacing it and selling it on. Here is our guide on how to care for your car:

Drive It Carefully


The single most important thing you can do is to drive your car gently. A car that has been thrashed around never lasts as long as one that has been driven carefully. Plus, when you speed, you are far more likely to crash, or do damage over speed bumps etc. Don’t coast on the clutch, don’t race around corners and always go really slowly when you are parking. This is the best way to make sure that parts don’t need to be replaced sooner than they ought to be, and ultimately to ensure that you get a good long life out of your car.

Routine Maintenance


There is a lot of routine maintenance that you can do yourself – for example making sure the car is regularly cleaned inside and out. Wash the paintwork with a protective wax to make it gleam like new. Most people know how to change the oil, or at least figure it out with instructions, so have a go at this. Depending on how adventurous you are, you may even want to have a go at changing spark plugs, or switching batteries. There is plenty of help available online, so if you can do it yourself, you should – you’ll save loads of money.

Routine Servicing


Every car should be serviced at least every year, or every 10,000 miles. This is to ensure that the car has a thorough clear out and any faulty parts are replaced. Regular servicing will not only extend the life of your car, it will also mean that you will find it easier to sell it on. A car with a full service history is very attractive to buyers.

Get Repairs Done Quickly


If you suspect that there might be something wrong with the brakes, or the clutch, or any other part of the car, don’t put off taking it to a mechanic. The sooner you have the problem addressed and diagnosed, the cheaper it is likely to be to fix. If you let your brakes wear down to nothing, you will end up having to have far more parts replaced than if you got it sorted straight away.

Looking after your car is definitely in your best interests – we don’t realize how much we rely on our cars until they are taken away from us! Give your car a treat today by washing it, polishing it up, and booking it in for a service!

Dean Saliba

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