How To Care For Your Caravans?

Static caravans need to be kept clean and their gutters have to be cleaned properly. Owners should install a number of moisture traps which should do a great deal of good when it comes to keeping air-borne dampness at bay. The chassis of the caravan needs to be checked for signs of corrosion and discolored paint. A fresh coat of paint should be able to take care of most cosmetic issues. Then the gas system needs to be maintained similar to your domestic gas lines and stoves. Annual service is all that is required to keep the gas working efficiently and safely. Carbon monoxide and smoke alarms need to be checked regularly and ensure that the fire extinguishers are working. The static needs to be fully drained in winter because it is during that time of the year when it’s not used.


All touring caravans need to be serviced annually. This will allow for you or the expert to spot and fix any faults that may arise prior to it becoming an expensive repair job. Regular damp testing will help to keep expensive repairs away. Also, workshops are less busy in winter so, this may be the best time to get your caravan serviced and ready for upcoming spring.


Because caravans may stand in one place for an extended period of time it can cause the tire walls as well as the inside threads to start cracking. So, the wheels need to be kept turning regularly, by placing a good tire saving device or a lift underneath it which should help to eliminate the cracking. Also, because there is no way for you to pick and choose where a puncture originates the best thing to do is to outfit your caravan with Tyron brands this is a device that will fit into your wheels and so will enable you to easily pull the vehicle to a stop in the event of a puncture.

Electric and Gas

All the internal lights should be checked prior to using a caravan and make sure to replace failed or flickering bulbs. This is because a fluorescent light that is allowed to flicker for an extended period of time will damage the light fittings. You may also want to consider switching to LED lights since they consume a lot less power and can be used for a long time on battery power.

In many states it is a legal requirement that all your road lights operate properly. All external lights need to be checked for damage, dirty lenses need to be cleaned or replaced in the event of cracks and scratches. You may also want to replace dim bulbs and check all the fuses. All the leads and plugs that connect the caravan to your car should be in good condition and the contacts should be sprayed occasionally with lubricants like WD40. The battery needs to be charged 5-6 weeks when the caravan is not in use. The operation of smoke alarms and the emission of carbon monoxide alarm batteries also should be replaced. When your caravan is not in use all the gas bottles and other appliances should be turned off. For added safely external winter covers should be fitted in order to keep out bugs.

Hitching and braking

You need to ensure that the breakaway cable is in perfect condition and the fastening mechanism works correctly. The operation of your handbrake and the jockey wheel also needs to be checked. If required re-grease the jockey wheel shaft in order to improve the operation. If your caravan has a built in stabilizer then ensure that the location of the ball is not contaminated, it should be grease free and clean.

Blinds and furnishing

When the caravan is not in use the blinds shouldn’t be left in a down position since this will put the mechanism under lots of constant pressure, in which case they will fail. Blinds can be reflective leaving them down will cause damage to the plastic windows owing to a buildup of heat. If you are not able to remove the upholstery then you need to try and keep them on edge in the center of the caravan which should assist with airflow and be away from direct sunlight. Moisture traps setup around the furniture will help to trap moisture and prevent moisture related damage.

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