Cars That Are Fit For The Boss

You have arrived and are a big-time executive at work. So, your car should look the part. You should drive—or be chauffeured—in a car that serves as a status symbol and sets you apart from other employees. The car should make a good first impression. After all, if your special executive parking space is not filled with something that turns heads, then you’ve defeated the purpose.

Let’s face it, cars are associated with different types of people. Mothers are labled as station wagon, minivan and sport utility vehicle drivers. Pickup truck are associated with a construction worker or outdoorsman.  Because executives are associated with money, power and prestige, their cars should mirror these images. Luxury and executive cars are the only types of vehicles that can portray those images. Expect to pay at least $50,000 to get your feet into this car segment.

Maintaining luxury cars monthly can also come at a premium price. Most require high-octane gasoline, which cost more money per gallon, and come with more expensive costs for routine maintenance, such as tires, oil changes, battery replacements and other services.  An executive car should have the latest technological gadgets. As an executive, it’s important to always be connected to the office and be reachable. It could also be important to have a car that’s large enough to take a group of managers to a business lunch.

Lexus LS460

The 2012 Lexus LS460 comes in two wheel base versions: regular and extended. This large luxury sedan is luxurious and technologically advance. The executive car’s navigation system works as your personal assistant on the go, giving you turn-by-turn directions to any place with real-time traffic reports. Other features include heating and cooling front seats, premium leather upholstery, adaptive cruise control and rear camera. The Lexus LS460 can even park itself. It starts at $67,630.

BMW 7-Series

The 2012 7-Series also comes in an extended-wheel base version, so your co-workers can ride along. The interior of the BMW 7-Series is drowned in premium leather and wood accents. It also comes with night-vision and sideview cameras, and BMW’s signature iDrive system, which is a video-monitor interactive system for the executive car’s navigation system, premium stereo system and Bluetooth connection. The BMW 7-Series starts at $71,000. However, keep in mind it comes with BMW Ultimate Service, which means you’ll pay nothing for oil changes, inspections, wiper blade replacements, brake pads and discs, engine drive belts and brake fluid changes in the first four years or 50,000 miles of ownership.

Mercedes S-Class

You’ll get all of the luxury and executive car trappings in the 2012 Mercedes S-Class, plus it’s long time prestigious reputation. The Mercedes S-Class comes with premium leather upholstery, wood-grain accents, power adjustable seats and Mercedes’ COMMAND system that allows you to voice operate the navigation, stereo and Bluetooth connection. The Mercedes S-Class starts at $91,850.

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