Challenges That May Face Road Transport

Road transport, as most people agree, is the predominant means of transport due to its popularity among users. This is true to a large extent. Some people may opt to use public means and decide to ride in the bus while others may use personal means and decide to drive their own cars or even use taxis mostly in the city to get to their desired destinations. This type of transport offers several benefits to its users compared to other means of transport. It has since attracted several investments from various business people, which has led to the gradual evolution of the road transport sector. However, it may face some challenges, making it not always the best means of transport to use.

· Crime

The road means may be an easier target for criminal attacks compared to other means such as air transport.

· Poor conditioned roads and vehicles

Some roads and vehicles may be unsuitable for transport due to poor maintenance. This may be caused by insufficient funds or mere negligence. This situation may be aggravated whenever there are unfavourable weather changes such as heavy rains and storms causing frequent break downs and even accidents. This may cause several delays which may lead to massive losses for the sector.

· Congestion

Since road transport is a common transport means; without a clear proper road network, cases of congestion and overcrowding are inevitable. This may even lead to mixing of traffic which is a dangerous trend, where large trucks, cyclists and even high-speed vehicles use the same roads. Furthermore, it may cause traffic jams in the cities or even minimal parking space for vehicles.

· Environmental pollution

Road transport may contribute to environment degradation by emissions of harmful fumes to the surroundings. Poorly conditioned vehicles may end up releasing harmful exhaust fumes in the air.Another factor leading to environmental pollution is the heavy dependence of vehicles on fuel which is not environment friendly, hence causing negative climate change.

· Transport limits

Road transport may be limited in the amount of cargo that it can carry. This is not the case with other means such as ship and railway transport which has large spaces available. Furthermore, road transport is not suitable for transport of goods over a long distance as it may become very expensive.

· Accidents

Road transport is more susceptible to accidents and even vehicle breakdowns compared to other means of transport for various reasons.

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