Changing A Tyre And Being Prepared

Many motorists use their vehicle to drive to work or for leisure purposes everyday. They often think that they are prepared during the winter time by having a can of de-icer and a scraper in the glove compartment. However there should be a number of other items in the boot in case of emergency so you can deal with more situations.

A problem that can often occur is to gain a puncture and be left with a flat tyre. This can happen anywhere and people should be prepared to pull over at the side of a road in any weather condition and be able to change the tyre. Preparation is always key to any journey and even though you think it might not happen to you, it is always best to familiarise yourself with certain things just in case something does happen.

First of all before driving anywhere you should ensure that the car has a spare tyre if you bought it second hand, and be aware of its location. You should also check that you have a wheel wrench or car jack as well as a locking wheel nut. It is important to make sure you have equipment that will make you visible in case it happens at night time or on a tight road, so put a high visibility jacket and a visibility triangle in the boot. You should also pack some gloves in case the tyre has blown out and will be hot to touch.

If there is a problem with a tyre when driving on the motorway it is best to phone up a breakdown service to come and help as it would be highly dangerous to do this yourself. If at the side of other roads or if you are on some grass, make sure that the car is level if you decide to fit the spare yourself. Put your hazard lights on, take the keys out of the ignition and make sure everyone is out of the vehicle.

You will firstly have to unscrew the bolts, not all the way, but loosely in a five star pattern. You would then need to jack the car up, it is always best to check the manual before doing this so you are aware of the correct location of where to put it. After doing this you can fully remove the wheel nuts and mount the spare tyre. Make sure to never go underneath a car when it is jacked up. Once the new wheel is fitted tightly and properly, you can remove the jack and drive away.

Dean Saliba

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