Changing Your Car Bulbs

Bulbs in your brake lights, indicators and head lights are made to be durable but are still likely to blow and need replacing during the lifespan of your vehicle.

Replacing a Standard Car Bulb

It is important to consider which replacement bulb you will use with your vehicle when fitting a new one. There are several car bulb options available, so you will not have to necessarily replace a standard car bulb with another standard bulb.

Although replacing a standard bulb with yet another standard car bulb is the cheapest option in the short term, this may not necessarily be the best value for money option if you do a great deal of driving.

Avoid choosing the very cheapest bulbs, as often these are not as bright or long lasting as branded bulbs from leading manufacturers. Choosing the cheaper option is not necessary the best choice for you in the longer term.

Consider Your Driving Requirements When Choosing Your Car Bulbs

The importance of quality bulbs cannot be underestimated. They enable you to drive safely at night or in poor weather conditions and give you better visibility, improving your safety and that of other road users. Consider the type of vehicle you use and how you use it when choosing your replacement bulbs. For example, a vehicle that is designed to have its headlights on all the time or is mainly driven at night will require a different car bulb to that chosen by someone who mainly drives short distances during the day or an off road driver.

Those doing a great deal of driving may prefer to use long life bulbs. They are designed with heavier filaments which give the bulbs a longer lifespan as well as making them more resilient to vibrations. They do not provide additional light, and the light may even become a little yellow as they age, as well as costing more than a standard bulb initially.

Safety First – Quality Car Bulbs Help You See and Be Seen

Safety features are important to drivers of all vehicle types and one of the most important safety features is your headlights, which provide you with better vision.

Greater light produced by quality, premium car bulbs increases your safety as the primary task of headlights, to illuminate towards the front and the edge of the road, is achieved with such lights. They direct the light to where you most need it, so that you benefit from the optimum illumination of the road, without blinding other drivers. They enable drivers to identify the course of the road, spot obstacles, read traffic signs and see other road users from a distance.

Anyone planning to travel abroad by car will also need to observe a number of rules and regulations when it comes to vehicle lighting and road safety. In many countries, it is mandatory to use headlights when driving in the daytime so it makes sense to carry spare bulbs when travelling abroad.

Replacing Your Car Bulbs

It is relatively easy to replace your standard car bulbs with quality bulbs, providing the wattage is the same as your existing bulbs. If you want to upgrade your headlights using an HID Kit this will give you up to three times as much light as standard bulbs, but these are not direct replacements bulbs and you will need a ballast unit to supply the correct voltage. If you choose not to use an HID Kit and swap to high power bulbs with the same wattage you will avoid creating excessive heat and your car bulb will be fully road legal across Europe without any vehicle modifications being required.

Quality bulbs currently available are able to deliver 120% more light than a standard OE bulb and deliver a beam that is up to 35 metres longer. These car bulbs will provide light that is 10% whiter than standard bulbs. They are UV friendly and are impressively better at the critical 75 metres mark, providing excellent performance. Such bulbs are available at competitive prices and so are well within the reach of ordinary motorists.

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