Cheap Car Insurance Could Tempt me to Take my Test

I do not hold a licence to drive a car or a motorbike. A minor reason for this is because I have poor eyesight in my left eye which could be corrected with quick laser surgery so I’d then be able to read a car registration plate from the required distance.

But the main reason I refuse to attempt to pass my test is because I do not believe I could afford to run a car in this day and age, an era where you have to pretty much mortgage your house just to get enough money for petrol for a month to ferry the children to and from school.

Then you have the various taxes and car insurance to take into consideration, I just do not know how most people earning the same amount (or lower) than me manage to own and run a car without having to pawn everything they own. Just what is their big secret?

Maybe their secret is that they know some cheap auto insurance site online which would cut down on the overall amount. I am assuming there some but it will take time to sort through the bad ones to get to them.

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