Chevrolet Beat Electric – The Fully Electric Car

The effectiveness and efficiency of battery electric vehicle technology is showcased in a neat form in the new Chevrolet Beat Electric car. This next generation vehicle launched through GM, in India, is known for its pick-up. Chevrolet Beat Electric, which is the sporty electric version of Chevrolet Beat, is powered by a lithium ion battery which can go at least 130 km in a single full recharge under normal driving conditions. Under the present fuel crisis and price hikes in India, this electric car is supposed to be a huge success.

It was first showcased in the Auto Expo in Delhi in the year 2010 as a next generation Chevrolet Spark or Chevrolet Beat and is sold by GM. Favourable markets can be found in Asia and the export of this car can also be done from here.

GM which boasts of many electric technologies and motors has developed the electric technology used in Chevrolet Beat through its in house research facilities. General Motors in partnership with Reva Motors which was dissolved later, developed the technology of electric cars, the launching of which is delayed in India due to lack of proper infrastructure requisites for electric cars.

The looks and features of this car resemble that of Beat Petrol. The front fog lamp and the dual air bags are the added features that also strengthen the security factor of this next generation electric car. It features the same electric motor which was used in the Chevrolet E spark concept which was first showcased in the Delhi Auto Expo in the year 2010. The expected price of this small electric car is around 7 lakh rupees. The launch of this much awaited eco-friendly vehicle is still in its concept stage and is anticipated to be on Indian roads soon with the government’s proclamation of subsidies for environment friendly vehicles in November 2010.

The major rival of Chevrolet Beat Electric is Mahindra Reva Electric, which can offer its electric vehicles at a lesser rate due to its market dominance. This car, known as the Mahindra Reva NXR, is a four seater three door electric car which is powered by a lead acid battery. It is expected to offer 80 km per charge and a top speed of about 80 kmph. But the price of the car which is about 5 lakh rupees poses a few problems for the Chevrolet Beat Electric.

Studies show that the sales of electric cars and scooters have seen an upward trend in India ever since the price of fuel has been steadily increasing. The new Chevrolet Beat Electric is also supposed to get a warm welcome on the Indian roads shortly.

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