How to Choose the Best Car For Your Teen Driver

Your teen driver has got a driving license? Congratulations! However, the excitement of this event might be somewhat shaded by the fact, that your young driver needs his/her own car, as owning a car is a huge responsibility which implies certain risks.

Here are a few simple recommendations that will help choose the best auto for your child.

Talk to your teen driver

Talk to your child and find out what auto he or she wants. Also, tell how much money you are able to invest. Never promise purchasing an auto you are not able to afford. If your child wants a big auto try to persuade that smaller cars are easier to drive and control. Tell what vehicle can make an ideal first car and explain why.

Look through brochures and reviews

Take a closer look at the most reliable and durable auto brands. Study their technical characteristics and read reviews posted by experienced drivers. Then, make a list of your favourites.

Visit local car dealerships

Once you have a list of your favourites, you can visit local dealerships to see what autos are available there. Your needs and budget will help determine what auto to purchase: second-hand or a brand-new one.

Choose between manual and automatic transmission

Each type of transmission has its benefits, as well as drawbacks. With a manual transmission, a young driver usually needs more time to learn how to shift gears, while with an automatic transmission a driver can be more concentrated on the driving process. To make a final decision discuss the pros and cons of each type of transmission with your child and let him/her make this choice.

Choose a car

When all options are narrowed down, you need to decide on a car you will finally purchase. Of course, do not make this decision yourself. This is the decision you should make together with your teen driver. Write the list of advantages and disadvantages of the autos you consider purchasing and choose the one that suites the most.

Buy the car

This is a memorable event for both of you: your child will get his/her first car, as well as a desirable freedom, while you can forget about late driving him or her from friends’ houses and parties.

Whether purchasing a pre-owned or new auto, always consider your teen driver’s opinion, requirements and desires. You are purchasing this car not for yourself, after-all. Make your child happy!

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