Choosing an Automated Parking System That Meets Your Needs

If you are considering installing an automated parking system then you should first take the time to really analyse your needs and evaluate your budget.  This can help you eliminate a lot of products that won’t work for you and allow you to concentrate on selecting the one option that best meets your parking needs.  You have probably seen some of these systems before. From car stackers, automated vehicle lifts, car turntables and rotating platforms, these products are becoming increasingly popular as the room for adequate parking shrinks.

Car Stackers and Automated Vehicle Lifts

Car stackers are great for large businesses that rely on multiple vehicles to achieve their business objectives.  They not only make maximum use of minimum parking space, but also protect vehicles from typical scratches, dents, and scraps that are associated with parking in tight spaces or too close of quarters.  Using a car stacker or automated vehicle lift can double, triple, or even quadruple your parking space, and thanks to the latest advancements in technology these systems will be less likely to break down and will be easy to maintain for years to come.

Car Turntables and Rotating Platforms

Car turntables and rotating platforms are the sleek, motor controlled platforms that provide innovative solutions to many parking problems.  These specialty products can be installed at businesses, homes, or industrial areas and are used to turn cars around in a tight space.  These are a great solution for cars, trucks, vans, or freight and can be used in conjunction with vehicle stackers or car lifts for a total parking system.  It will no longer to necessary to back down long driveways because of inadequate room to turn around.  You will never have to make another calculated three point turn while avoiding structures and other vehicles to evacuate a parking area.  Car turntables are so simple; you literally just drive on, turn your car, and then drive off.

Increased Safety

If you have small children or little pets, you know how frightening it can be to back out of your driveway. All it would take is one mistake and you could harm one of your loved ones or a family dog. Instead, use car turntables to alleviate the need to even go in reverse. This will reduce the risks of injury or damage, which makes car turntables well worth it for any family home.

Car turntables are becoming more popular in Australian homes as the technology becomes much more affordable. Now, homes with only two cars are using car turntables because of the convenience offered by the systems. Businesses, too, are getting in on the bandwagon as car turntables and even truck turntables are able to reduce the costs of gas and parking an entire fleet of cars and trucks becomes much easier and more efficient.

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