Choosing A Body Shop For Car Repairs

Choosing a Body Shop for Car Repairs

If your car has been damaged, then you’ll want to find a body shop that are able to effectively make good the damage and have it looking as good as new. So read on to find out how to find the right body shop repair solution for you.


Before deciding who to approach, you should take some time to research body shop repairers. Unfortunately, not all body shop repair centres are made equal, so you need to take some care when choosing the right repairer for your car. Online reviews aren’t always accurate, as many can be manipulated, so always keep a healthy amount of common sense and scepticism in mind when you read the results. You’re often far better off asking around. Word of mouth is always reliable, so if someone has recommended a body shop, then you can be fairly sure they provide a good service. If no one in your circle knows anywhere, then online discussion forums can also be a useful source of advice.


A good body shop will be well equipped with the appropriate equipment to repair your car, so make sure they work with high end products. A company such as Body Shop Solutions who provide accident repair centres with products made by Wielander & Schill, Celette and Trisk, calibrate all their machinery to ensure it works properly. Click here for more information on Body Shop Solution.

This guarantees that the body shop repair centre they supply are using efficient state of the art machinery on your prized vehicle. So always check to see what type of equipment your repair centre intend to use before committing your car into their care. Depending on your car, you might also want to choose a body shop repair centre who specialise in your particular model of car. They are more likely to have the correct equipment in place.


Never decide on a body shop without getting at least two estimates from alternative places. However, make sure you have this written down, with full details of the proposed work. You can then show this to other companies for a more accurate appraisal of cost.


A good body shop should offer a warranty on the work, normally for at least one year. However, make sure that this doesn’t void any existing warranty you have with the car manufacturer. If your insurer will only cover the cost of used parts, this can also sometimes void the factory warranty, so make them aware of this fact and request that they cover the cost of new parts.

Insurance Companies

Remember that you do not have to use the repair centre your insurance company insists on. Anti-monopoly rules mean that by law an insurance company cannot hold you to taking your car to only one of their authorised repairers. Instead, present your insurance company with your estimate, and make sure they have agreed to paying before going ahead. If they refuse, remind them of the law, and point out that you have every right to use a repairer of your choice.

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