Colored Hids And Kelvin Temperature: How Are They Related?

High Intensity Discharge Bulbs commonly referred to as “magic” or “color” bulbs are the latest trends of automotives today and produces more light output when compared to the traditional halogen bulbs. These bulbs are a whole package introduced in the market with varying colors and shapes. The retrofitting aspect of HIDS is the most “eye-catch” feature which makes the fitting procedure to be easy without the aid of any technical support and requires only a single booklet of instructions. Wrong headlight bulbs often create a glare on some parts and insufficiency of light is another issue which is being faced.

You might be wondering if these bright bulbs only enhance the aesthetic aspect of your vehicle; it has other functionality too and proves advantageous to rash car drivers and the off-roaders. Do you know why HIDs emit different colors like blue, violet, green and pink? With the change in the Kelvin temperatures, the bulb produces lower lumens, naturally resulting in more colored output. Let us look into the most important factors while deciding on the choice of the colors and Kelvin temperatures:

What is your real intention of buying HID kits?

If you want to put your innovative ideas to your vehicle and think of purchasing HIDS as a mean to support this factor, better buy the ones with higher temperatures ranges (ones with greater than 10K producing bright violet lights). What would be your envious friend’s reaction when they see your car streaming pink with Pink HIDs? Voila!!

But in terms of functionality, it would be good if you buy HIDS with lower temperature ranges like 4,000-5,000 K producing white light with a tint of blue. White lightning system ensures the safety aspect of your vehicle and also avoids the irritative looks of your co-passengers and pedestrians. As a general fact, HID bulbs were not encouraged in most parts of US and heavy road violations were put forth by them and often the car-passengers were stuck up in traffic stop. But now with changed scenarios, yellow and white HIDs are more preferred.

“How are colors categorized in HID BULBS?”

Warm colors

These include color ranges from red to white; but is inversely proportional to the Kelvin temperature which means they have a lower Kelvin rating. The light output is maximum in comparison with other bulbs.

Cool colors

White, blue and indigo shadings are included in the category of cool colors.

Lamp housing in your vehicle is another factor which determines the color of your bulb light. If reflector housing is included in your car headlight, then it would be better not to install HIDs in them as they are not specifically designed to control the amount of significant light and sometimes, it poses greater risks of blinding the opposite drivers.The projector housings are possessed with lens that would produce the violet light, in accordance to your preference and have the capability of transforming to white light on road. Choose the Kelvin temperature as 6000K if you prefer pink HIDs.

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