Compiling Evidence For Your Car Accident Claim

Auto accidents. They can be stressful. They can be expensive, both regarding time and money. Worst of all, they are almost always unexpected by both drivers. And to top it all off, if the accident was severe, you may suffer injuries long after the accident occurred. When injuries come into play after an auto accident, you have the right to file an auto accident claim.

To win compensation for your claim, it is critical that you provide your insurance company with evidence that your serious injuries were a result of another’s reckless driving. Sometimes this means more than taking a few pictures, but providing enough evidence is crucial to getting paid compensation. In order to obtain everything necessary for this compensation, there are some tips you can follow to ensure you have everything:

Download the Auto Accident App

A highly recommended tool for auto accidents is the Auto Accident app on your phone. Available on Androids and iPhones, this app will do almost everything for you, even if you are seriously injured. Some of the greatest features include 24/7 instant access to a live assistant who can guide you through the process, preloaded information with your insurance ID, license play and medical information, and a to-do list of important steps to take in the days following the accident.

Write everything down

Whether you can or cannot download the app just mentioned, you can definitely write everything down. This means writing down every detail of the accident: how you perceived the accident occurred, listing damages to both cars, the location, any injuries, any witnesses, how you are physically feeling, insurance information, etc. Writing everything down while at the scene will ensure you are including as many details as possible, which can only help you win your compensation.

Take as many pictures as you can

Pictures are the key to winning compensation and proving liability. Take pictures from several different angles of both cars, the location and any injuries. If injuries seem to be worsening, take pictures of that too as they worsen, even if just a little bit. Understandably, many injuries from car accidents are not visible through a simple photograph, which can be obtained through a daily journal and/or obtaining medical records.

Keep relevant records

Keep all kinds of records that help prove your injuries developed from the accident, and that the other driver was at fault. If you have been severely dizzy since the accident (or a few days after), developed a sore or stiff back, experienced whiplash, etc., jot down your pain daily in a journal from the first day it manifests itself. Seeking medical attention and obtaining documents proving your condition will be a huge help for your claim.

The four suggestions discussed are imperative to winning compensation for your injuries. In addition to these suggestions, remember to call 911 as soon as the accident occurs. Do not sign any papers unless it is for the police or your insurance provider. While auto accidents are never an experience we want to have, properly taking all the right steps in time can make filing a claim easier and faster for all involved.

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