Concerns About Autonomous Vehicles

Autonomous cars have been in the pipeline for quite sometime now and they could be available in the market soon. There have been genuine cases made for the viability of those. Proponents of these self driving vehicles point out that they will lessen the number of road accidents since it will improve the mobility of individuals who cannot drive. Environmentally speaking, they are eco-friendly, reducing the chances of emissions. But there are those who sees problems attached to these vehicles. The danger alarms have been raised and it would be good to look at the concerns about them.

One of the most important concerns is about the security issues of those cars. As long as the vehicles are safe, they can be compromised. They could be hacked and personal information about the owner could be gathered leading to crimes such as break-ins when the individual is not at home. Information such as location of a person at a particular time could bring up security concerns. This is not a concern involving the car itself but the effect on security that the vehicle could have if it is in use. With the use of autonomous cars danger looms in the initial period of their use. Adaptation as they will have to share the road with conventional vehicles might present a conundrum which will lead to an increase in road accidents. This vehicles may not avoid crashes that are caused by other vehicles.

Concerns have also been raised on whether will be able to perform in different weather conditions. In the case that heavy rain or severe wintry weather tampers with technology like laser sensors, there is a concern whether the driver is expected to handle failures or defects in technology. So it is important to make sure that the driver’s safety is thought about.

When this cars will be on the streets most of the people will rely on technology and will decrease the number of people who will learn how to drive. The over-reliance on technology has been observed in other spheres of society and it is expected that it will permeate into the operation of this vehicles. This is a road safety concern that might plunge people into chaos especially since they will be sharing the road with conventional vehicles.

We need to move forward and transition into the next technological frontier but the concerns about this new technology have to be addressed and worry the manufacturers.

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