Consumer Electronics Show 2015 Coverage

The automotive industry is in an unstoppable arms race to bring consumers the biggest, best, and most technologically advanced innovations in the car world. It’s down to a ticking clock to see which company can deliver the best, most jaw dropping technology for consumers today. The technological advances range common food amenities, to high end laser head lights.

GM is catering to those who like to drive and eat, with a program rightfully named “AtYourService” on their OnStar system that links people to a live assistant when they need to do some shopping or even request hotel accommodations. For those who like to save a little here and there, this system offers coupons from retailers and even help you find parking. The parking feature is definitely going to be a godsend since we all know the horror of circling around, hoping for a parking spot. For donut lovers, GM has even partnered up with Dunkin Donuts to bring you deals on your favorite donut company.

For those of you who like to connect your car with some advanced graphics, the new Nvidia chip can be used for cars and tablets in order to assist you in driving, avoid crashes, and even pave the way for automated driving. Get ready for AT&T and Samsung to be huge players in new cars and even part of apps dedicated for audio books that are perfect for that long commute to work. Chrysler has even stepped up their game with a vehicle finder, sending the exact location of your car to an app on your smart phone. Every driver knows the bane of the frustration that a “missing” car is, and just how awfully long it takes to aimlessly wander through a parking lot to find their car.

The big punch is the world of self-driving cars in the near future. Mercedes-Benz has revealed a prototype of the fully autonomous car. This car is described as a luxury carriage that provides its riders with a cabin that exudes luxury, even connecting smart phones to the vehicle’s “brain” itself since automakers know how important personal smart phones are to individuals nowadays. Hyundai has even unveiled a smart watch where the wearer can use to unlock or start their Hyundai Genesis.

All this technology may seem intimidating and hard to follow for some, but it was just a few years ago that smart phones started catching on and they have become an integrated part of our lives in no time. Meanwhile, we will just have to wait and see what new technology gets unveiled these next few years and how we adapt to the ever changing world of technology.

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