Convicted For A DUI Arrest Case? Yes, You Can Lose Your Job As Well

Your driving rights and liberties will definitely be affected by your DUI arrest. It is an ill-fated possibility that you could lose your job with any DUI conviction. Even though you will not find “loss of job” as an inherent side effect in the DUI punishment law, but an arrest because of DUI can have a disturbing impact on your continuous service and employment.

Additional Concern

The license suspension due to a DUI arrest creates an added anxiety, especially if you drive a car for a business company. It is mandatory to file the “proof of financial responsibility” with the branch of license for a period of three years. A few employers feels that such kind of drivers are “too risky” to be entrusted with company cars.

Sensitive Jobs

The DUI arrest itself can cause huge problems if your job involves travelling and you must rent cars in destination cities. This is due to the hole that is punched in your license by the arresting official. The punched hole signifies that your license will be suspended after 60 days of your arrest.

Employers for some positions tend to be more sensitive about DUIs than others. If you’re planning to work with kids, as a tutor or daycare provider, you may have difficulty in looking for a job. Positions that require driving could also be a problem. It includes drivers for almost all kinds of vehicles. A lot of companies that take care of top secret information have a policy to hire ‘no one with a criminal record’. You can also have a hard time getting into the armed forces or government jobs after a DUI conviction.

Bad Publicity for some careers

Some careers like corporate officers, public figures, or employees with sensitive positions will be jeopardized by a DUI arrest or conviction. The impact of the adverse publicity can prove to be damaging for one’s career, especially, if you consider the actual “legal” consequences of a DUI. Such cases should be fortified well and handled carefully, with the objective of preserving the career.

Other Problems

In addition to marking a black spot on your record, a DUI can also bring a halt in your job search. You might lose your driver’s license for some time, and this can obstruct your job search. Also, it will be difficult to provide a driver’s license to human resources while completing your hiring paperwork.

Precautionary Measures

If you have inhibitions about the impact of a DUI arrest upon your career, you should obtain the advice of an experienced DUI defense counsel who can clearly spell out the consequences of your arrest.  Also, map out the best legal defense with your lawyer’s help. Next, you should always determine the corporate policy in the event of a DUI arrest so that you are not terminated for failing to report an arrest when required to do so. Take steps with adequate professional advice. Sometimes, extra steps may consist of contacting a union spokesperson, or seeking independent representation by an attorney experienced in the employment law.

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