Courteous Driving

Once a driver has been allowed to drive on a public road unaccompanied, this in reality is when all the knowledge they have gathered during their lesson times as well as in time spent reading the Highway Code as well as other recommended literature is applied.

A newly qualified driver must now learn to think and act for themselves, not just in respecting the laws and rules off the road, but they must also apply a certain amount of common sense to their actions. They must also be fully aware that their actions may have consequences which can in turn have very serious repercussions. Failure to apply common sense may result in breaking the law such as driving without due care and attention. This in turn may have other more grave consequences leading to breaking the law which in turn and in worst case scenarios may end up in prosecution. A newly qualified driver stands to get a driving ban quicker than an older more experienced driver as they are not allowed as many points on their license before it is revoked to ensure they execute increased safety and due care and attention during their initial stage of driving.

Once a license is revoked through a temporary ban, the driver may have to take their test all over again, incurring additional expense not only on having to redo their test but also in having to pay a higher insurance premium.

The Highway Code teaches us the laws of the road, what is expected from a competent driver and as to what is acceptable and what isn’t acceptable in the eyes of the law. However, there are a number of extras which may not necessarily be included in the highway code but are implied as a rule of the road. One such point being consideration and politeness towards other road users. The Highway Code does mention about respect towards other road users such as other drivers, pedestrians, horse riders, motorcyclists as well as drivers of large commercial vehicles, drivers have the obligation to respect them as well as to in certain instances such as buses pulling out from a bus stop; drivers must give way to them. However, there are certain instances in which the Highway Code does not mention what the driver must do, giving a driver a certain amount of discretion as to how to behave on a public road by not only demonstrating self-control when others may make a mistake but also by showing consideration as well as being polite towards other road users, even if the present circumstances may not necessarily warrant such actions.

Showing and demonstrating consideration towards other road users is a large part of making everybody’s motoring experience a more pleasant one, this may be towards a learner driver, a disabled driver or simply checking when parking that you are not too closely parked to the car next to you, especially if they have a child seat in the back!

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