Crossovers That Deliver Impressive MPG Rates

It’s been said on many occasions that you can’t have the best of both worlds. In other words, it’s not possible to have something that performs well in all areas.

However, with a crossover car, or a CUV (crossover utility vehicle), it is possible to experience the best of both worlds – the rugged exterior of an SUV (sports utility vehicle), the space of an MPV (multi-purpose vehicle), and the driving performance of a standard car.

They’ve proven particularly popular amongst families – partly due to this versatility. Whereas large and often cumbersome SUVs are great for tackling Britain’s most remote, rural areas, crossovers can do this, and provide impressive city driving experiences too. Naturally, many of these vehicles also use refined engine technology.

This enables them to serve up a highly fuel efficient drive. And with fuel efficiency comes lower CO2 emissions. Because road tax in the United Kingdom is calculated based largely on CO2 emissions, having a crossover vehicle could enable motorists to save significant amounts of money.

Both of these factors make crossovers a highly viable option – and not only families either. Business owners and other career professionals can make the most of the extra space provided by these vehicles for luggage and equipment.

In this short guide we’ve created – which can be found below – we’ve looked at just a selection of the crossover vehicles, such as the Peugeot 2008, that can deliver good fuel efficiency rates.

Peugeot 2008

This car boasts the exterior design of an SUV. However, its luxurious exterior is more akin to that of a sleek business executive’s car. The combination of soft leather upholstery and a panoramic glass roof, which allows plenty of natural light to flood the cabin, makes the 2008 an absolute joy to drive.

The e-HDi (featured on the diesel variant), and the e-VTi (on petrol models) Stop & Start technology enables the 2008 to use less fuel. It recognises when the car comes to a halt in traffic jams, automatically cutting the engine. When ready to go again, the car restarts the engine. This innovative piece of technology allows the 2008 to produce fuel efficiency rates of 57.6 mpg (miles per gallon) on a combined cycle.

MINI Countryman

A small urban crossover, the MINI Countryman is quite simply a fun car. It looks fun, it delivers fun driving experiences. It offers a slightly more rugged take on the more contemporary version of the MINI. The compact cockpit offers practicality, with plenty of handy storage spaces dotted around its nicely-sized cabin compartment. The rear-section provides a surprising amount of room.

On a combined cycle the MINI Countryman – like the 2008 – can serve up a highly impressive rate of fuel efficiency – of around 64.2 mpg on a combined cycle. It’s a great option for business professionals in need of more space.

Although crossovers are renowned for the levels of fuel efficiency they can deliver, you’ll struggle to find a huge selection of vehicles that can provide these kinds of fuel efficiency levels.

Dean Saliba

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