Defensive Driving Explained

Many have heard the term defensive driving, but how many actually know what it means and how to apply it to their driving?

Defensive driving is taught on your driving lessons and makes safe drivers even safer. It’s the opposite of aggressive driving and I’m sure we all know what that is. It not only makes you a safer driver but is also very good practice to keep you in good habits after your driving test. Defensive driving involves:

  • Staying just below the speed limit instead of way above it, most people see speed limits and take them as guidelines, but going that 10 miles per hour slower could save the life of a child running out on to the road. You would fail for going over the speed limit on your driving test so why do it when you pass? Be a defensive driver and stick to the speed limits.
  • Keep your distance from the car you’re travelling behind. If I was to say you were an aggressive driver then you would tailgate other drivers and this is a dangerous habit. There has been known to be pile ups of 4 and 5 cars that were all tailgating and didn’t have enough stopping distance between each other. Being a defensive driver you should keep a good distance from the person in front.
  • Get rid of your road rage to become a defensive driver. Many people won’t back down when they see someone doing something they shouldn’t and this can end up in a collision. If someone cuts in front of you just slow down enough to avoid a collision and let it go.
  • When turning give other road users plenty of notice by signalling and not making sudden turns at junctions. To become a defensive driver you need to understand how to drive safely and correctly, signalling at the right situations correctly will let other drivers aware of what you are doing. You should have been taught where and how to signal on your driving lessons, place this into practice after passing your driving test and not just on the day.

Defensive driving should eventually become second nature to you when driving. Defensive driving is largely encouraged on your driving lessons because it makes you a safer more cautious driver. Take a look at these defensive driving techniques above to learn what defensive driving means and put it into practice when running driving.

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