How To Detail Your Car Like A Pro Every Time

Cleaning your car by washing and waxing it on a regular basis is one thing, but if you really want your car to sparkle and shine both inside and out, as well as look like it came straight out of the showroom, you have to know how to properly detail every aspect of the vehicle every time you clean it. Your car will look like new no matter how old it is, and you’ll be proud to show it off.

Below are tips that will help you get started if you’re interested in learning what it takes to properly detail your vehicle so that it can always look its best. These tips are especially important if you don’t store your car in a garage or other car shelter.

Get Out a Powerful Vacuum for the Interior


Make sure that you use a powerful vacuum to get all of the spaces between your seats as clean as possible. If you use a weak vacuum, it simply will not do the trick. Get into any pockets in your doors, as well as into the trunk.

Use Strategy When You Clean Your Car’s Upholstery


When it comes to really getting the floors and seats of your car clean, try this trick: use an air compressor to blow out any loose debris from all of the nooks and crannies found throughout the car. Once they land on the middle of your carpets, you can easily vacuum everything up.

To get the floor mats super clean, vacuum them and use stiff brushes to rub out any set-in stains and loosen up any debris that is stuck on. You can opt to use a cleaner specifically made for removing stains from the floor mats if necessary, and you can then use this same technique to clean off the rest of the upholstery throughout your vehicle.

Wash and Polish the Exterior Correctly


To get your car really clean, you can take it to a carwash or you can instead wash it yourself. Purchase a biodegradable soap designed for use on cars to ensure that it will not strip any of the protective coating off of the paint and to ensure that the soapsuds that wash away will not be detrimental to the environment.

After rinsing off your car, never forget to dry it off thoroughly. A lot of people make the mistake of letting the car dry naturally, but this is a mistake because water contains minerals and can leave dirt behind that is bad news for your paint finish. Instead, use a squeegee or a dry cloth to make sure all of the water is removed from the exterior.

Purchase a car polish and apply it using an oscillating polishing machine to really get your car looking shiny and new after it has been dried. Don’t forget to also use a degreaser on the wheels and a non-acid cleaner for the rims.

Detailing your car involves getting into all of the tiniest crevices to remove dirt and debris. It also means paying special attention to the exterior of the vehicle so that it’s smooth and shiny.

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