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Collecting diecast model cars has been a hobby for many people over the years and irrespective of your age it seems to bring out your inner child. These models were basically classic cars, vans and motorbikes, which were produced to scale as an exact replica. The very first models were produced in the early 1900s, mainly by manufacturers from the United Kingdom and United States. These were extremely basic models, which replicated the body work, but had no interior. Unfortunately, many of the cars produced prior to World War II would have impurities in the metal alloy, which would quickly lead to damage, such as cracks appearing. However, over the years the technology used to manufacture these wonderful toys has vastly improved and this post will introduce you to a few more facts about diecast model cars.

Increase in Popularity

The diecast model cars of today are produced with extremely high quality pure alloys, thus making them far stronger than ever before. In fact, the companies who made these toys made a conscious effort to improve the overall quality of the models they were producing and this led to a rise in their popularity. Many models now include beautiful looking interiors and plastic windows and are made as exact scale models of the real thing.

There is a vast array of diecast models available to collectors, although the ultimate goal must be to own a model that is covered in 24 carat gold. With that being said, over the years one of the most commonly collected cars happened to be the Tin Lizzie from 1910 produced to a 1:32 scale model. This particular model has been so intricately manufactured that it closely resembles the real thing. This includes actual wheels with spokes, the front doors can be opened, and the bonnet (or hood) also has the centre hinge, which can be opened to reveal an engine.

Other Popular Models

The Chevrolet Corvette has been one of the most popular collectors’ items for many years, although there have been a variety of models produced. These include a replica of the first ever Chevrolet Corvette produced in 1953 to the more modern versions that are often seen still to this day. The design of this model shows extremely intricate details, including a very detailed engine, front wheel which can be steered and even rubber tyres. In fact, the detail added to these models appears to be becoming more lifelike year after year.

The Ford Mustang has also proven to be very popular over the years and the manufacturers have done everything they can to replicate the original car as much as possible. There is a larger scale model of 1:18 produced of the Ford Mustang, which features wheels that can be steered, a fabulous looking interior, and the engine in all its detail has been copied quite brilliantly. As you may expect, other popular diecast model cars include many of the supercars we all know and love, such as the Porsche 911, Lamborghini, etc. There are even models of cars made famous from the movies, including the DeLorean from Back to the Future and the “Eleanor” Ford Mustang, which was prominently featured in Gone in 60 Seconds.

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