Divorce: Is It As Scary As We Think?

The word ‘divorce’ sparks fear and dread into adults and children in equal measure. When children hear that their mother and father are going to get a divorce they have to quickly face up to the realisation that their parents no longer love each other enough to stay married to each other.

One common feeling among children is that the break-up of their parent’s marriage is somehow their fault. When my mother and father broke up when I was 10 years of age I truly believed for a number of years that I had played a huge part in splitting them up, we all know this isn’t true though but try explaining it to a ten year old.

It is a similar feeling for adults as well.

When your partner announces that he or she wants a divorce it could be for a number of reasons such as:

  • They don’t love you anymore
  • They still love you but your personalities make it hard for you to both live together
  • Someone cheated

These are just three that hit me as I wrote this there are many more reasons, I won’t even bother listing the pathetic reasons that some have cited in court as grounds for divorce.

When your spouse announces that they want a divorce it is vital that you secure yourself legal representation as soon as you can. There are many to choose from but some are better than others, one company you could take a look at is Ephraim Law, a legal firm who specialise in divorce proceedings.

They even offer fast track options where you can apply for divorce within a week for around $700, I’m assuming this is for divorces that are very simple and do not involve children.

Dean Saliba

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