Do You Live On a Dead End Street? My Friend Does and Drives Down It Everyday

Have you ever wondered why we have so many levels of government, so many rules and regulations, and so may unfortunate excuses from our elected representatives and bureaucrats? Boy, I do, and it seems more than ever these folks are working with full benefits, pensions, and paid more than most in the private sector doing similar work. Indeed I was taking to a friend of mine recently out there in Southern California, turns out the street he lives on is designated; Dead End. He doesn’t like that, as he lives in a rather nice gated community off that street. Okay so, let’s talk.

Apparently, the HOA he lives in doesn’t like it either, so my friend talked with several council members and they said they’d look into it, perhaps replace that road sign with: “Not a Through Street” or “No Outlet” instead. They didn’t call him back, and he got upset and was practically crying in his beer by the time I had talked with him. I just laughed, that’s the silly, irrelevant municipal level government for you. I wasn’t surprised, as a business I had to deal with these yahoos in so many cities, eventually, I realized it was like talking to zombies, yes, you’ve seen those shows. They just never stop coming, the mindless mob of zombies.

Oh, back to my friend’s story, all his homeowner’s association wanted was to change out a single sign in the city, on his street. The public works director said they couldn’t do that, apparently a few years ago the State of California ended the designation; “Not a through street” from their road markings and signage regulations. My friend was then advised by the public works department that they cannot change the “dead end” sign on the street because of State Law for road sign regulations.

However, since a “Dead-End Street” is generally defined as: “A Street which is intended to permit extension to serve other properties and may or may not have a temporary turning area at its closed end.” He proposed to either change that sign to “NO Outlet” in its place – or – to make the street, where it bends, start a new street and name it after the Public Works Director or a city council member.

Then the city won’t need the “Dead End” sign where it is, and can put that sign on the second street which would be extremely short and the sign would thus be out of the way and not hurt property values or make his HOA members completely upset and angry with the city. The City Council liked the idea, and now those folks are busy arguing over whom to name the street after. Go figure, got to love the bureaucracy.

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