Don’t Buy a Car, Lease a Car Instead

When it comes to choosing a new car you may not know just which car it is that you want to purchase, or you may have decided that you no longer want to purchase a car and that you would much rather lease one. When you choose to lease a car you can easily update it when you have decided that you want a newer model without the hassle of having to sell you car, you can simply take it back to the dealer and tell them that you are looking to upgrade, whether that’s after 6 months or 6 years.

There are many different cars for you to choose from in the Mercedes range and you will find that you can choose the car that you want without having to worry about the expense of purchasing outright.

A saloon car is perfect for business offering all the style and class that you could require, the C63 AMG Saloon comes with complete drive control, premium interior styling including leather seats. There is also the option to have the multimedia system COMAND (Cockpit Multimedia and Navigation Display). The C63 AMG Saloon is a very sporty car making it an excellent choice in car for business and pleasure.

If you want to find a car which is great for business and pleasure then make sure you take a look at the wide range of Mercedes Saloon cars available.

If you are looking for a family car then you may wish to choose an estate car which will be perfect for those family holidays when you feel as though you may as well have just taken the house with you. There are choices of both the C Class Estate and the E Class Estate.

The C Class Estate will easily carry four adults so if you’re taking the family on holiday there’s no reason for the kids to not have their own little space without touching each other, it also has automatic adaptive suspension so even when it is loaded up for your summer holiday it won’t have any effect on how the car drives.

The E Class Estate also provides enough space for four adults to travel comfortably which makes it a great family car especially if you have teenage children as they will soon need the space. The boot features an electronically operated luggage cover and tail gate, the E Class Estate features a large boot space and with the rear seats folded down it gives you a large boot space capacity. This car also comes with Mercedes ‘Pre-Safe’ which ensures driver and passenger are in the safest position before a potential accident, the ‘Pre-Safe’ system senses the sudden breaking or sharp steering actions and the automatically adjusts the seating positions, windows and seatbelt tensions to ensure that you are in the safest position if an impact was to occur.

There are many different Mercedes cars which work very well as a family car, it is important that you choose a family car which will adapt as your family car, this is why estate cars are so popular.

By choosing to lease a car you can choose when you want a new car and it is a much easier process to update your car, leasing is ideal when you have a growing family because you can change your car as your children get older ensuring that they have plenty of space in the back by choosing an Estate car, however once your children are old enough to drive or have left home you can then choose a car for yourself which is more for the enjoyment of driving rather than the practicality of being ‘taxi’.

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